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Posted on January 30 2009 by RopeMarks
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A few weeks ago we got asked for a main stage show during the BITCH party on February 21. That's cool, allthough we always have some reserve for the BITCH party; the crowd is more kinky instead of fetish and in general people prefer to see hardcore kinky-p*rn instead of bondage or BDSM. For a party like BITCH we twist and turn our shows around to make them fit the occasion, this ususally means we add some sex in the mix that goes well with the loud beats of the playing DJ.

This time we had to tell them "no" we can't make it and that is one of the reasons of this entry. On the 21'st we planned our first public workshop of the new year and that workshop got filled so quick we had to plan another one on March 28. This one got filled even quicker (what''s happening in the Netherlands?) so we intent to plan a third (and how its looking now, a fourth) one but are unable to find a date that works for us. In any case, since you are interested in our workshops I'm assuming (silly me :)) that you are also reading this blog. We are doing our best to proces our workshop-list and provide workshops for as many people as we can in the coming months.

The  second reason for this entry is also the second reason why we had to decline the BITCH organisation, the 22nd of February we get company from a croation TV crew, they will film part of a private workshop, some bondages and an interview. This all should air on February 28 in Croatia on Nova TV.

Our other projects are running smooth at the moment and we hope to be able to tell you more about them soon.

Show @ Obscene party

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##Scroll down for English version 

Show@ObsceneNormaal maak ik geen aparte melding op dit blog, maar op deze show zijn we best wel trots.

Dit is een show uitgevoerd op het hoofdpodium van de voorgaande Obscene party en was een samenwerking tussen de grote namen uit de fetish wereld; RopeMarks (al zeg ik het zelf :), Fleshfactory, Dizzy Duveaux en Mirjana.

De show in grote lijnen bestaat een aantrekkelijk combinatie van Chantal en Mirjana op de achtergrond, waarbij Chantal Mirjana in een bondage zet (jaja, een premiere :), op de voorgrond zie je Fleshfactory die middels vleeshaken word opgetakeld, hier aan word Miss Duveaux met een Japanse bondage bevestigd waardooor beide een menselijke Wind chime vormen van touw, haken en elegantie. Voor de extra dimensie in deze show (en omdat een wind chime geluid maakt :) word het geheel begeleid door sfeervolle aantrekkelijke live cello muziek van een even aantrekkelijk speelster.

Een indruk van de show kun je hier vinden:

We lopen erg achter met ons show-materiaal, dat hopen we in de komende weken in te lopen.

## English version

Show@ObsceneUsually we do not make a separate entry for this on our blog but we are very proud of this particular show.

This show was executed on the mainstage of the forlast Obscene party and was a cooperation between the big names of the Dutch fetish scene; RopeMarks (even if I say so myself :), Fleshfactory, Dizzy Duveaux and Mirjana.

In general the show consists of an attractive combination of Chantal and Mirjana on the background where chantal is tying Mirjana (yes, a first in public and on a mainstage :). The foreground has Fleshfactory suspended by meathooks, connected to Fleshfactory is Dizzy Duveaux through a Japanese bondage. Both are forming a human wind chime of rope, hooks and elegance. For an added extra dimension (and because wind chimes make sound :) this show is guided by attractive live cello music from an equally attractive female player.

A impression of the show can be found here:

We are a little behind with our show-material, we intent to catch up in the coming weeks.

Club RopeMarks

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This message will be reposted on a number of forums, list and blogs, my apologies if you have to read it more than once.

Through this list/forum/blog I would like make a announcement about Club RopeMarks (the RopeMarks members site). I know that a number of the people on this list/forum/blog are a member and this way I'm sure to reach them. I hope the moderators will allow the message.

Last month we decided on a few new things for the site, a new server to run the site on and new client machines to develop the site. The former went fairly smooth the latter caused some unexpected issues. You can read about it in some more details here, in my blog (and this was just the tip of the iceberg).

Because of these issues we could not make the updates for Club RopeMarks in time. Things seem to be running ok now (fingers crossed :) and the next update is out. Unfortunatly because of the computer issues I have lost some mail that has been sent to me in the last two months. I know some of you on this list/forum have written us, if you don't receive a response in the coming week please resend your mail.

While I'm at it I might as well add to this post that we are making changes in our update frequency. More details here The reason is that we have started a number of projects that we really need to spend our time on the get them done. More on that later, in our blog's.

Thank you,

My yang month

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Right... As I wrote to a friend already, in my yang month December a lot of ying is missing...  Let's start at the beginning, the beginning of December 2008. 

First the contract (I'm a contracter) for my daytime job got cancelled (The economical crisis is everywhere) and it's very dificult to find a new project in December (end of the budget year). On the upside, this leaves me with some extra time to work on (Club)RopeMarks. 

Next my phone decided to buy a one-way ticket to mobile-heaven, so I had to quickly decide if wanted to buy that way too expensive phone I had my eye on for some time already... I did :). My Outlook was synchronized in a breeze and I spend the next days figuring out how to actually make a phone call on the mobile-PHONE that I got :)

Time for RopeMarks... uhm, it would have been time for RopeMarks if my computer didn't make the brilliant decision to follow my mobile phone to heaven (taking a left to computer-heaven where my mobile went right to mobile-heaven). Luckily the computer didn't break down completely so I had time to bring my backups up-to-date. I keep two backups on external hard disks and I have a total of 4TB in external hard disks.

So, while I made sure my backups are up-to-date I was figuring out what should be under the hood of my new machine. For those technically interested I decided on a Dell Precision T7400 with some custom changes/additions (i.e. faster CPU, more memory, more hard disk space) running Windows Vista (32bit). 

Delivering the machine would take a few days but before that we had a long weekend in Paris (the Nuit Demonia weekend), a few days after our return my shiny new machine was delivered, oh happy day, I could quickly set everything up and start giving you the you the new updates.

Since I have 4TB of external hard disk space holding two backups of our data and extending my internal hard disk space to about 1TB, I thought it was a good idea to do some overdue maintenance on these disks and get everything neatly ordered for the years to come. Now here I discoverd (one of) the nasty parts of Vista; copying from external hard disk to another external hard disk takes _ages_. Moving 1TB takes about 2 days!

On top of taking a long time you have babysit this type of action because of the annoying Vista UAC (User Account Control) and the "improved" rights management. One example (I have so many :( ) is that moving, say, 1 GB is calculated at, say, 1 hour. You are bother with the UAC, wait one hour and the result is that only, say, 60% has been moved. So you move the remaining 40%, calculated at, say, 20 minutes, are bothered with the UAC, wait 20 minutes and... nothing has been moved! Certain files are simply not moved by Vista.

Anyway, after a few days of moving files around (thanks Bill!) and searching the web I installed the program TeraCopy. It was a recommendation on different forums and I have to say, it works like a charm! Moving terra bytes of data still takes a long time but it works and I don't have to babysit the action

Finally, all my data moved and roughly reorganised the way I want it. Time to setup the new backup... if only, at that moment, one of my external hard disk did NOT decide to fail on me @^$_&@_(*@!#$&*^_@)$(%. Ofcourse (hi Murphy!) this was the disk with the backup of ALL RopeMarks material (photo's, video's, text, the works) #$%)(!#%^_%_)*@#$...  If you're still reading this (with more than mediocre focus :) you know I have two backups, so no real harm done yet but should my other disk bail out on me RopeMarks would be in serious trouble. Hopped on my bike (as if :):):), took the car :) and bought a new 2TB disk for my backups.

During all this moving, copying, cursing Bill and babysitting we have had an upgrade of our webserver machine. This upgrade happened on 22 December between 22:00 and 09:00. You might have experienced some downtime.

So, the current status is that I'm still moving stuff to my new external hard disk. This should be finished within 6 hours (according to TeraCopy's calculations). While the copy/move process is going on I'm unable to use any other USB hardware connected to my machine (i.e. memory card reader) or my firewire port (i.e. capturing video), this will screw up the copy/move process on my external USB hard disks (Bill?!?) . During the failure of my old computer and external hard disk I know I lost e-mail. If you've send me mail and do not receive a reply in the next week orso please resend your mail.

I hope to be productive again during next week. 

Everybody all the best wishes for 2009!