Geloof, Sex en (Wan)Hoop

Posted on November 25 2008 by RopeMarks
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Well, it seems we've been on tv on again... would be nice if we actually were told beforehand (because we like to see for ourselves if we look good :)). Appearently several shots (some longer than others) of us are used in a Dutch  program by the Ikon called "Geloof, sex en(wan)hoop" (En: Faith, sex and (despair)hope). This program deals with sex and the "pornofication" of the current generation. It is a series in 5(?) parts (check the site, see the links) but honestly from what I've seen sofar I am not sure if I fully support the content of the program, then again I might just be annoyed that we were not told (as promised) the show was aired or that they shamelessly ripped parts of our preview video's from the club and used it without asking and on top of that simply don't credit us (as they promised they would)...

The links, Ikon program "Geloof, sex en (wan)hoop), Club RopeMarks.

A Quick Update

Posted on November 25 2008 by RopeMarks
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It's been a few months since I blogged even though I have a lot to talk about there just seems to be no time to get it on "pater", cyber paper, but none the less paper :). In a nutshell, the progress of the new look and feel of the "club" is going well (oh.. You didn't know :), we're revamping and updating Club RopeMarks with a lot of new functionality). Currently it's going slow but that's because we've started shooting for our second DVD (we aim to have it out in feb/mar 2009), more details on that soon. Besides this it's RopeMarks life as usual, workshops, shoots and shows mainly.