Generation SEX

Posted on October 30 2008 by RopeMarks

Before we got asked for BNN's Spuiten en Slikken we had antoher interesting experience with the media, English TV in this case. We got taped for the British TV program Generation SEX. Appearently the previous season of this program got aired in all the big European countries and we got choosen to kick of this seasons Generation SEX :).

The story; a young English couple visits Amsterdam for a new kind of activity holiday. Instead of gaping at the tulips and going to the van Gogh-museum they get educated in the pleasures of BDSM and bondage in particular.

We expect the material any day now so we can put it on the site and show it to you. On your right you can see a snapshot of Chantal with the couple we educated, she does look a but... "used" :)

The links: Princess TV.

BNN's Spuiten en Slikken 2

Posted on October 21 2008 by RopeMarks
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This Sunday on Dutch national TV on 23:20 BNN's spuiten en slikken item "kutvragen en klotebrieven" will be aired. This episode is all about bondage!

More info on the upcoming episode can be found here (Dutch only): 

We're looking forward to your comments :)

Sniper folds

Posted on October 11 2008 by RopeMarks
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Sniper, easily Japanese  most famous S&M magazine, is folding after the November 2008 number. Here's a short tidbit of history about Sniper and S&M magazines in general by Nuit De Tokyo (I could not have said this any better):

S&M Sniper magazine was started in 1979 and was the sole survivor in its style of several magazines including, among others, SM spirits, SM spiral, SM select, SM fan, SM collector, SM frontier, SM king, Punch SM (the so called pre-internet golden wave). They represented the second wave (i.e. with color photos) of magazines following the first wave (started in the 1950s) which folded around 1978 (Kitan Club, Fuzoku Kitan, Uramado).

It is hard to say why SM sniper survived longer although it did has special content in the form of photos by star photographer Araki (whom I believe is a part owner of the magazine but I could be wrong) and also serialized novels by Yuki Kaoru whom in his prime is clearly in my view among the top 3 best ever Japanese SM writers.

Nureki Sensei was the main publisher of the first wave and eventually discovered Dan Oniroku who as a writer, if not a rope expert, straddled the 2 waves, first publishing in Kitan club then in SM fan (which makes the SM fan old issues rather thought after).

Are surviving the internet (rather in Japan the mobile phone version of it) publications which are  very specialized, such as Mania Club which offers SM with some rope but always with the inclusion of a scatological element (Dan Oniroku was still publishing in it last year). Mania Club has a number of sister publications looking at the anal side of things in its numerous variants (diapers, shitting in her pants etc...) are also surviving magazines  which concentrate on the serialized novel aspect:  SM Mania, SM Novels but their readership is probably limited.

There are also a number of SM publications ( a sort of third wave) which are essentially DVD digests of the recent SM videos (probably not really of interest for people on the rope side) which explains why SM Sniper felt compelled to include a DVD (as did SM mania) in some recent issues as these magazines were taking away some of the "looking for an easy wank" salary man clients.

BNN's Spuiten en Slikken

kutvragen en klotebrieven

Posted on October 08 2008 by RopeMarks
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Here's something new, BNN (the Dutch television network aiming at the younger generation) will be filming for their "Spuiten en Slikken" program an item (kutvragen en klotebrieven) that will feature Chantal, our own Dutch Bondage Diva, talking about bondage.

We'll let you know when it will be aired on Dutch TV

the links: BNN, Spuiten en Slikken.


Posted on October 06 2008 by RopeMarks
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BITCH, one of Hollands biggest kinky parties. This edition was a 15 hour lasting party. RopeMarks participated with a main stage show. Our act was accompanied by Miss Suzn and Marco, both good friends.

RopeMarks at BITCH

The picture was taken by Ancilla Tilia, The Dutch Fetish Model, who also performed during this edtion of BITCH

The links:  Ancilla Tilia, Miss Suzn, BITCH