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Posted on June 26 2008 by RopeMarks
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It is always... enjoyable to be recognized, thanx guys (any girls?)! 

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BoundCon V, 2008

Posted on June 12 2008 by RopeMarks
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The event has happened again, for the fifth time already, an anniversary. I'm talking about BoundCon, worlds largest event where the focus is on bondage. It was a meet and greet with old and new friends, friends who exhibited and friends who simply attended.

RopeMarks BoothRopeMarks DemoThis year, as the previous years, we had our own booth (biggest sofar), were booked for two custom photo shoots and were booked for two mainstage shows. Inbetween we performed bondage demonstrations in our booth. These last always cause some sort of a cluther in the walkway of the event :)

Besides the always adorable Chantal I had the pleasure of working... Uhm tying up the lovely Czech Republic native Katarina Blade, big boobed German pretty Red Hibisca another lovely German called Sophia. I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Iridal Loveland, we have been mailing for a long time but finally now we met, and did some tieing :). A very promising new bondage model made her appearance this BoundCon, Christie Biel, she's fun :)

Katarina Blade
Red Hibisca and Sophia
Iridal Loveland
Christie Biel

I am going to let some pictures of the things we did do the talking for me now:

Katarina Blade
Iridal Loveland
Christie Biel
Christie Biel

And some shots from our shows

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel
Punished Geisha

When we get pictures of other things we did I'll update this entry.

Really, there is to much to tell. It is safe to say, everyone who is someone and everyone who wants to be someone was there. Just to name a few, in no particular order; Alcova, BindMe, Bondage Project, Patrick Pech. Masters in Steel, Sabrina Fox, Alberto Lisi, Bondinage, Pedro Konijn, Massad, Isabella Sinclair, Esinem, Jewell Marceau, Philippe Boxis, Art Sensual and so many, many more!

Chantal wearing Bondinage There is no way for me to tell you about BoundCon to make you experience the feeling. So, here's a reverse psychology attempt; You haven't been to BoundCon? Than I guess you just don't like bondage that much :)

Until next year!

The Links: To much to add, see the BoundCon site for an overview of links to all the exhibitors and model who attended.

Pics by: Stiller Waechter, maliZ, and many others.

Black and Blue night, Rome, Italy

Posted on June 05 2008 by RopeMarks

In May we got booked for a weekend in Rome, Italy providing a workshop and show for the Black and Blue night.

We arrived in Rome on Thursday evening and got picked up from the airport by friends (where we also stayed during our time in Rome). The Italian airport did cause some trouble since we arrived quite late. The luggage of everybody in the plane was sent to the wrong pick-up-band. Some very bored Italian lady finally brought us to the correct band and when we all got our luggage the airport was closed and we couldn't get out anymore. In the same bored and annoyed fashion this lady walked all of us around the airport to find an exit, which (thankfully) we did :)

Friday, during the day, we had the day off and went for some sightseeing. Honestly, Rome is a beautiful city! Maybe a bit chaotic, loud and most Italians we met were a tad rude but it was wonderfull to stroll around and see some of the sights

Waiting on the bus...
Lost in Rome?
Somewhere in Rome

Friday evening was the actual Black and Blue night party. This was held in a very atmospheric location. The lovely female DJ started the evening with loungy-music but went from there to some very heavy beats that (to my surprise) I enjoyed very much. Usually I don't pay to much attention to the music, maybe it was the DJ herself… I don't know :). We met a lot of new people and the rudeness we experienced during the day was all gone that evening. The feeling I got from the evening was one of a big group of close likeminded people. We had a lot of fun :) You would almost forget we had to do a job that evening, but it wasn’t really working, it was fun and the people really appreciated our show. It turned out to be a very, very long night and we (finally) went to bed around 06:30 AM(!)

The next day, Saturday, we got up late, got coffee (tripple espresso for me) and food from the local coffeeshop and in good Italian style arrived late at our own workshop :) The workshop wasn't to busy but that only made it more cosy and friendly. Again the feeling of a close group of likeminded people.

Chantal and AlcovaOn Sunday we had to leave very early to fly back home (I'm _NOT_ a morning-person), offcourse we made a short stop at a coffeeshop (tripple espresso) on our way to the airport. There our Rome adventure ended. The general impression is that Rome (Italy) has a small fetish-scene. But the people in the scene are very close, extremely friendly and eager to learn.

Now I forget to mention one thing. The friends we stayed with run the first and only fetish shop in Rome; Alcova. I was happily surprised that their shop has some very good (and I mean _VERY_GOOD_) items for sale. The usuall fetish/bdsm items but also the more exotic items could be found there. They know and understand their fetish/bdsm business! :) Kudo's!

Something completely different, BoundCon V has happened, the pictures are still pouring in. When most of them are in my possesion I'll create a small gallery for you.

The links: Black and Blue night, Alcova.