German Fetish Ball 2008

Posted on May 28 2008 by Bob
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I'm almost up to date with our past month activities. Here's one more:

Fairly quick after our move the German Fetish Ball was organised. Thinking we could use some real fun we decide to travel to Berlin and visit a few parties that were thrown over the 3 day event. We went to the play party and the actual Ball.

The play party was held in one beautiful location, Residenz Avalon. This had everything; setting, atmosphere, inside and outside play options, free drinks (we still are Dutch:)) and a lot of impressive dressed guests. Most people where activly playing and there was a very nice mix of all sorts of bdsm play. This is one party I would highly recommend.

The GFB also has a two day erotic fair that we visited. The nice thing about the fair is that we get to meet old (and new) friends and acquintences from around the world (mainly European) again. We also get to shop for rubber, leather and other, besides rope, bondage items :) Yes, I'm perverted and loving it :)

RopeMarks@Studio 6, Berling This same weekend also just happened to be the grand opening of Osada Steve's Studio 6 in Berlin. For this opening the master himself travelled from Tokyo to Berlin to provide workshops for two weeks. We couldn't let the opportunity pass to shake hands with master Steve inbetween his busy schedule. Unexpectedly (but in hindsight I could have known) he asked us to do a short demonstration. This whole meeting was a very nice, unexpected pleasure.

RopeMarks Sunset Bob... Besides some general site seeing in Berlin (we had some great weather, I actually got tanned :)) there was the actual Ball. The highlight of the entire event. What can you say about the Ball? You must have seen it to understand it. This party is rubber galore, not enough eyes to take in all the beautiful people, outfits, the works. When you ever get the opportunity to visit the Ball, do it :)

Miss Mirjana and RopeMarks We have been spending a lot of our time in Berlin with Master "R", sub angel and Mistress Illucia with her partner. On the fair and the event we have been spending time with Miss Mirjana who is always a joy to have around (if she is not busy shooting :).

Oh, did I mention that BoundCon is next? Only the biggest bondage event in the world? Where are you?

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Nawa Open

Posted on May 25 2008 by Bob
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Slowly, very slowly, life is getting back to normal; not there yet but getting there. More and more I catch myself thinking about future project instead of house-related subjects :)

Inbetween all the hassle of the new house we had a very nice break. We provided three workshops and a show for the Danish event "Nawa Open". It was a very refreshing experience to be in front of people who seriously enjoyed rope bondage. People who where not looking for a quick fix but actually loved to create intricate patterns and use the learned in their own public play immediately.

What was even better, we would teach them something, they would try to recreate it and during the evening I would see them do it again _but_ in their own style, their own way. This is what teaching should be. In the end you are not supposed to copy the teacher, become the teacher. You are supposed to find your own path with the information provided by the teacher. Sure, in the beginning it would be just copying but after practising a tie a few times you should notice things _you_ do different and make that specific tie your own.

Anyway :)  We had a really great time in Denmark!

Next, BoundCon

The links: Nawa Open, BoundCon.

DVD - A Study in Red

Posted on May 23 2008 by Bob
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Our first DVD is available again.

With the move to a new house and other stuff we finally have a new batch of DVD's available for you again.

To the DVD - RopeMarks; A Study in Red