Kinbaku in LA.

Posted on August 29 2007 by Bob
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We've been in Los Angeles, California for a number of days now. The jetleg is over (at least we are not waking up in the middle of the night anymore :) and we've had a chance to see a number of interesting things. I won't go into too much detail about the normal tourists things, but we've seen/done/been to: Beverly Hills, Hollywood Blvd, Walk of fame, Hollywood sign, Sunset Blvd (Sunset Strip), Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Mulholland Drive (by night), Rodeo Drive and Little Tokio.

Hollywood Blvd, LA, CA

Now this last is where I want to let you know a little more about.

We have been in contact with Master "K" close to ten years now. The contact has always been through email and conversations have mainly been about Japanese bondage, traditional Japanese bondage; kinbaku. Master "K" is living in Los Angeles and is working on his second book about the art. When we said we would be in LA a date was set to finally meet each other in real life, talk kinbaku, drink green tea, do bondage and eat a delicious Japanese diner.

The discussion about kinbaku was wonderfull, gaps I had for years about historical facts where finally filled with the proof I needed from his vast library of books and resources. There are still gaps I like to see filled. If I was able to read Japanese I might be able to fill these gaps myself, for now I think I have to wait until we meet Master "K" again. There is only so much you can discuss in one afternoon. Especially if there is "work" to be done. His second book is close to being finished and we couldn't (wouldn't :) say no to the invitation of having Chantal be a part of the second book... bound and gagged in two very traditional positions and bondage.

We have quite a number of photo's of the day with Master "K" but we won't be showing any, Master "K" is a very private person and the pics for the book are ment for the book. So, you are going to have to take my word for it that the day with "K" was wonderfull and some of the pics can be seen in his new book.

Now it's off to Vegas... Baby!

Summer break and the other side of the ocean

Posted on August 15 2007 by Bob
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What's been happening with RopeMarks? We've received that question from a number of people. We have been doing no shows, no workshops and no fotoshoots. The reason for all of this is that we decided to take a summer break from RopeMarks. Until the summer of this year RopeMarks has dominated most of our spare time, we enjoyed every second of it but it was time to think about us, friends, family, the works. The icing on the cake of our summer break is a three+ week vacation to the west-coast of the USA.
During this vacation we would hop over to the three day ARS event and present there, unfortunatly this event was cancelled due to health reasons of the organisation. On the upside of this, we now have five more days to enjoy the west-coast of the US.  In a previous blog I already posted our temporary intinerary, here is the final one (we hope :).
Stars and stripes...Day   1 Amsterdam -> Los Angeles, CA             
Day   2 Los Angeles, CA
Day   3 Los Angeles, CA
Day   4 Los Angeles, CA
Day   5 Los Angeles, CA -> Las Vegas, NV
Day   6 Las Vegas, NV
Day   7 Las Vegas, NV
Day   8 Las Vegas, NV
Day   9 Las Vegas, NV -> Death Valley National Park, NV
Day 10 Death Valley National Park, NV
Day 11 Death Valley National Park, NV -> Yosemite National Park, NV
Day 12 Yosemite National Park, NV
Day 13 Yosemite National Park, NV -> Reno, NV
Day 14 Reno, NV / Lake Tahoe
Day 15 Reno, NV -> San Fransisco, CA
Day 16 San Fransisco, CA
Day 17 San Fransisco, CA
Day 18 San Fransisco, CA
Day 19 San Fransisco, CA -> Highway 1 (part 1/2)
Day 20 Highway 1 -> Los Angeles, CA   (part 2/2)
Day 21 Los Angeles, CA
Day 22 Los Angeles, CA -> Amsterdam
This trip is ment to be a vacation, no obligatory rope-work, however we have a few things planned that are to good to let slip by while we are there. When we are in LA, we have a very promising and interesting meet with Master "K", including a photoshoot. In SF we have have one booked workshop and will meet with Lew Rubens. I'm hoping on a tour through the armory :)
That's all for now, after this vacation RopeMarks will be back in business!