RopeMarks goes USA!

Posted on July 17 2007 by Bob
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In August-September 2007 we will be in California.


Guess who is back?!

Posted on July 17 2007 by Bob
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What is the use of a blog if you do not write on a regular base? I did not had any inspiration to write, but I am back and here to stay :)

Chantal On Boundcon earlier this year we had our very first DVD for sale in our booth. I was very honored and it even made my blush that one buyer asked me to sign the DVD; I gave my very first autograph to a fan!

In my blog here a picture of me in my new latex outfit of Bondinage, which I bought in Berlin during the German Fetish Ball weekend. I look a bit strange on this pic, but I was tired after doing a show in a room where it was way to hot! A photo of me with a friend of ours, Jeanette, during one of the best fetish parties in Holland: Boudoir Bizarre. The black and white pic was made for a someone studying photography.

Chantal en Jeanette As you probably know, bondage, especially the Japanese variant, is a real hype nowadays. Besides the fact that there are more and more riggers in this world, we get a whole lot of girls and women who want to be tied by Bob. I cannot blame them of course for wanting the best :)  Even some mistresses asked Bob if they could experience it sometime (in private of course :)

Well for all the girls who want to be bound: in principle we only do bondage with other people if we can do it in a photo shoot and use the photos on RopeMarks. If that is no problem for you go here to register.

Chantal in Bondinage And yes, we will visit the USA again this year! In August/September we will fly to LA and visit Las Vegas, Death Valley, Reno and San Francisco as well. So any tips about clubs, parties, shops or sightseeing in the California area are more then welcome. In need of a Japanese style bondage workshop? No problem, we can do it and you do not need to pay for our tickets this time :)

Dead Chicken Shibari

Posted on July 12 2007 by Bob
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Dead Chicken Shibari The answer to all rope masters prayers is here! Dead Chicken Shibari, no more pinched nerves. Dead Chicken Shibari, no more blocked blood flow. Dead Chicken Shibari, no more position limitation. Dead Chicken Shibari, no more whining subs. Dead Chicken Shibari, become your butchers best friend (or your local chicken farms worst enemy!). Dead Chicken Shibari, also for the smaller sized penis...

Dead Chicken Shibari workshops are here!