Fair, Symposium and Vacation

Posted on April 29 2007 by Bob
Categories: RopeMarks, Party
You might already know, but (among others) we will be presenting during this years Austin Rope Symposium (ARS). It took Mr. Indands three year to get us to come but he succeeded :). Everything is confirmed, tickets are booked and we're ready to go! Before and After Steve's ARS event we have planned a vacation. This is our preliminary itenirary:
23/8 - 27/8 Los Angeles, Ca
27/8 - 30/8 Las Vegas, Nv
30/8 -  3/9 ARS
 3/9 -   4/9 Las Vegas, Nv
 4/9 -   6/9 Death Vally, Ca
 6/9 -   8/9 Reno, Lake Tahoe, Ca
 8/9 - 11/9 San Francisco, Ca
11/9 - 14/9 Los Angeles, Ca
We really love to do some rope-work while we are in the USA, we are already negotiating some options but we are always looking for more, More, MORE!!! :)  So, if you read this and know of something that might interest us, get in touch and who knows we get to meet in person.
When we come back from this vacation we are confirmed to be at the Kamasutra fair in Utrecht in September. We will be present with a stand and 6 workshops (2 per day). Do come up and say hi.

Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!

Posted on April 26 2007 by Bob
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And too late is exactly what I am. Too late with updating RopeMarks and too late with keeping you informed with information about RopeMarks (obviously, I'm assuming you -want- to be kept up-to-date :)
Should you have missed it (have you been living under a rock?), we've produced our first official RopeMarks DVD, A Study in Red (see the preview). Sales are good and we just ordered a new batch, so come and get it while we still have them.
With this first DVD we've also opened a simple web shop where you can order "A Study in Red" and some more DVD's that have ties to RopeMarks. other goodies are gift certificates for our workshops and a few references to our nation's pride and highly recommended rope maker, Marrow of BindMe.nl, and bondage furniture maker, Suringa-K.  Over time more shibari/kinbaku and bondage related items will be offered, a selection based on personal knowledge of the quality of the items. We intent to offer you the Best Of the Bondage world (BOB's world :). An official shop, with online payment possibility and the works, will be setup when either the content has grown enough or sales are through the roof and the manual labor is to much to handle. So, start buying! :)

A short introduction into the history of Kinbaku

Posted on April 25 2007 by Bob
Categories: RopeMarks
A very interesting article from the RopeMarks knowledge base is going to be published in a Finish magazine. The article is a few pages introduction into to the commonly accepted history of Japanese bondage (shibari/kinbaku). The article ranges from the battle of Onin to, roughly, the death of Akechi sensei. Well worth a read, even if I say so myself :). Obviously Finish is not the first (or second or third or... :)) language of most people in the world, so the original English version is available on our online shibari tutorial site RARE (http://RARE.RopeMarks.com/). This is a paysite, knowing that we Dutch people are cheapskates I've also made the article available on our shibari Hyve (Hyves is a MySpace for the Dutch).
Speaking of MySpace and Hyves. We have an account on both, so come join us and keep in touch.
All relevant links to the communities you can find us on are in the sidebar of our contact-page.