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Posted on January 11 2007 by Bob
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Our tutorial site has been reviewed by Steve Indands

Have limited access to live hands-on instruction, yet still want to learn a correct way to do traditional Shibari? Then check out the kewl educational Shibari and Japanese rope bondage site I just reviewed, which in my opinion is one of the top, if not *the* top how-to/ educational Japanese rope bondage websites today. It's RopeMarks' R.A.R.E. (RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange) at http//:RARE.RopeMarks.com. I've even updated/enhanced the way I do a few of my Japanese style rope bondage ties, as a result.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting ropeartist and expert Bob of Ropemarks (who is a kind, generous, and interesting person), and his equally kind, beautiful and charming partner and rope bottom Chantal (the demo bottom in most of the site's tutorials), in Amsterdam on my way back from xplore06 in Berlin last August. Definately good people. They did a wonderful job on the tutorials, and I'm salivating at the chance to catch their USA classes at Austin Ropecraft Symposium 3.

Beautiful, clear, and concise step by step pictures with descriptions of Shibari ties, are complemented by a handful of equally well done videos showing similar instruction, with more likely to come from world class ropeartist, Bob/RopeMarks. In addition to the great instruction provided, the site contains articles by Osada Steve, RopeMarks, Jay Wiseman, Masami Akita, and Trevor Brown on the history of Shibari, much needed safety information, and memorial tributes to Akechi Denki (by Master "K") and Osada Eikichi, who were the top Nawashi in Japan in their day, and shaped much of what is present-day Shibari.

The pages are well thought out. Navigation is easy and logical, and the pages load quickly.

The site also provides a beautiful photo gallery (including one by Master "K"), good glossary, some Japanese resources, interesting recommendations for music to rope by, as well as some educational books and videos available, which are a bit outdated and could do with an update. I'm told that this is planned for this year (Bob: 2007).

While I subscribe to very few paysites, this is one I would definately do and highly recommend it as one of the premier educational rope sites out there today.

by Steve Indands

ShowBoat, Up in smoke...

Posted on January 09 2007 by Bob
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[DUTCH, English below]
Zaandijk -
De Showboat in Zaandijk is vannacht getroffen door een grote brand. Er zijn geen gewonden.

De paren- en alleengaandenclub, Club Showboat, zit op een echte boot, drijvend op de Zaan langs de Lagedijk in Zaandijk. De brand is omstreeks middernacht ontstaan. Na ruim een uur had de brandweer, die met groot materieel was uitgerukt, het vuur onder controle. Bij het blussen werd ook de blusboot ingezet."

Zie verder:

The ShowBoat, the location where -the- best Fetish and SM Play Party is held, organised by Mrs. Manita and her husband Rob, has gone up in smoke. A big fire destroyed a big part of the boat (it's an actual boat:)) and we all hope the will return to business soon.

Bondage and my work

Posted on January 07 2007 by Bob
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This update you see me and two other lovely slave girls bound and whipped.

Did you know that there is a lot of free material on our website? Of course you know our portfolio, but have you seen our show page? It has among others 7 free video's where you can see an impression of our bondage shows. New on our website is the calendar, see which parties we attend, where we do shows, when we give our next workshop or when we have another photo shoot planned, for instance with the beautiful Dutch fetish model Ancilla Tilia here with Bob and myself.

Since over 2 years I work for myself as freelancer. Which means I change jobs about every 4 months. One of my last jobs was at a company where I worked for almost a year. Very nice people and the work was also fun. In the time I worked there, Bob and I had two tv appearances on Dutch television. At the company only colleague M. knew about our bondage life, so I was a bit anxious if anyone else would find out. But it seems nobody did, well, I thought nobody did. Just recently I went out to dinner with M. and I heard that when I left the company (which was about 5 months after the tv broadcasts) one of the employees (a woman) did see me on television, found our website, put a number of photos on an USB stick and showed them to the board (all men) during a board meeting. I understand that she informed the board (was even happy that she did it after I was gone) but I do not understand why she had to bring the photos. She almost made a PowerPoint presentation of it :) I have the feeling she made a bit of a freak show of it. I don't think they understand what we do. If she would asked me in person, I could have easily explained, which gives a better impression then seeing the photos on our website as a vanilla person. I think the reaction of the men was not so bad, but there was one woman who said she had quit her job if she had known what I did in my free time; she did not want to work with such a person! Funny; because she worked with me for months without any problems. Ignorant, conservative, short-sighted people! The world would be a dull place if we would all think like that. The "snitch" colleague in this story thinks my relationship with Bob is not an equal relationship, that I am his slave girl. People who know me (that should also include the people I work with on a daily basis), know that I am not the submissive type. And if you know Bob; he is not a dominant. That is not our way of the alternative lifestyle. We have more with the sadistic and masochistic part of it. But everything we do, we do with mutual trust, safety and a lot of love. "Safe, sane and consensual" as we say in the SM community. Colleague M. who knew is a very nice woman. She is from a little Dutch village and does not have a lot of experience with "big city things", she would not do the things I do, but she is open minded. I love open minded people. That's why I told her in the first place. I have a good feeling about who I can tell and who not. The funny thing about this story is that the all the people knew that she was more then a collegue of me, we hit it off pretty good and they had a lot of trouble on finding out how they would tell M. about my supposely secret live. I wish I could have seen the look on their faces when they found out that M. already knew from the beginning and that she didn't have a problem with it. I hoped it teaches the rest of them a bit of a (positive) lesson. Listen, think and look in the mirror before you judge someone else. A wise man once said: "I would like to meet interesting and creative people that inspire and don't judge".


Last month we did a show at La Nuit Demonia in Paris and we bumped into Kumi, always fun to see her! Eric Martin took our picture.

2007 updates

Posted on January 03 2007 by Bob
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We have confirmations for a few upcoming events. We have agreed to be present during the German Fetish Ball weekend and perform during the actual German Fetish Ball party. Unfortunatly (for us) this means we will not be able to present at ShibariCon, Chicago, USA. Some talk about ShibariCon 2008 has already taken place but it's way to early to plan this. The  Austin Ropecraft Symposium (ARS) in Texas, USA is most likely back to its original date ( end of Q3 2007), this is good because that would mean we would be able to present and attend.
While we are in Berlin during the German Fetish Ball weekend we have a very interesting photoshoot planned that we are really looking forward to.
More info when we have it and to stay up-to-date with our whereabouts always keep an eye on our calendar.