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Posted on December 19 2006 by Bob
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Posted on December 15 2006 by Bob
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Since this blog is called "Bob Untangles" it's time to untangle some more instead of posting useless backstage shots :) It's not 2007 yet but we have been busy for quit some time with the new year already (b.t.w. you did notice our Christmas colors... right... :)). A number of photo shoots have already been planned with some very interesting, beautiful and international models. We've been contacted by the organizations of the German Fetish Ball (Berlin, Germany) and Shibaricon (Chicago, USA). Unfortunately both events take place on the same 4 days in May, we have to choose.

Also, for the 3rd year in a row, we have been invited to the Austin Ropecraft Symposium (ARS in Texas, USA). We just learned that it is going to be moved up to May 2007. Same month as the German Fetish Ball and Shibaricon. Oh... and before I forget, May 2007 is also the month where the 4day bondage event/extravaganze BoundCon is taking place. We have our own stand again, will do shows and participate (as rigger and model, go secure your spot!) in the Custom Photo Shoots.

Our own workshops are planned for the beginning of 2007 (those on the Level 2 list will receive the data any day now), also two shows for the first quarter have been agreed. We have the ShowBoat (their 5 year anniversary), the Boudoir Bizarre party (easily Holland's next best Fetish event). And last, but certainly not least, In March we will most likely visit the "Respect" party of Matthias (T.J. Grimme).

All the things that already have a "go" for 2007 can be found in our calendar, our new calendar... you did notice we had a new calendar... right...:)).


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And see here; our whole website in Christmas style!

Odds & Ends

Posted on December 06 2006 by Bob
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This update the odds and ends of 2005. About time, since 2006 is almost over!
Photos of me with different collars, giving me a hard time moving my head and making breathing difficult, especially when a ball gag is added. And another series of me in bamboo. Photos of a play we did in our living room on a summer evening. A triangle of bamboo was bound on my body, so I was completely exposed and unable to move. Ballgag, clamps and Bob do the rest. Also 2 video's of our third webcam chat, which ended in bondage and torture in front of the PC. Nice to see what you missed. We have to plan another one soon I think.

Here in my blog some party pics!

I had my birthday last weekend, thanks for all the nice e-mails! On Saturday we also had a bondage "meeting" in our house. 18 people all interested in bondage. We started with talking and enjoying the chocolate fountain. Soon the ropes came and there was bondage going on! By the hooks in our living room, the hooks in our bedroom, on the sofa... Met some new people, talked to "old" friends. A perfect evening, which we will do again some day.

Going places

Posted on December 06 2006 by Bob
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Finally I am on My Space (English) and on Hyves (Dutch).

Check it out!