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Posted on November 18 2006 by Bob
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RopeMarks + Kumi Show @ Wasteland

Posted on November 08 2006 by Bob
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One of the very first fetish parties that I visited way way way back was Wasteland (-the- very first was called Kinky Club). Back then my first Wasteland party blew my mind, completely. After that I visited Wasteland every single time it was organised and started to move around a lot in the Dutch fetish scene. After a number of years I didn't enjoy Wasteland as much as I used to and started skipping editions until finally I never went anymore. The years after that I tried a Wasteland once in a while, but it just didn't "click" with me anymore. The only reason for us to go was when we were booked for a show.

RopeMarks @ WastelandRopeMarks with KumiLast weekend Wasteland had us booked for two shows, one show was with me and Chantal and the other was together with Kumi Monster (where we called in for some femine support in the form of Miss Mirjana.). Both shows went great (even if I say so myself, but feel free to respond to this entry and tell me yourself :), we got more response from this audience than I ever expected and a lot of "hey, loved your show"'s when we walked through the venue.

When our work was done we didn't feel the need to leave the party, instead we wanted to jump right in (after Kumi and I "stole" an almost empty vodka bottle from the Wasteland production-bus :)). This edition of Wasteland felt like old times, great location, wonderfully decorated, good music and most of all, what makes even the worst party great, the people where ok! As far as I'm concered Wasteland is back and let's hope they intent to stay.

Here's what Kumi has to say about the Wasteland party:

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