Posted on October 19 2006 by Bob
Categories: RopeMarks

Our last weekend was very different than our normal weekend. In the weekends our, my :),  favorite activity is to tie up Chantal and have my way with her... actually that's also my favorite activity during the week... anyway, before I get way of track here. This weekend we arranged for -the- German bondage specialist, Matthias T.J. Grimme,  to perform in the Netherlands, once on the ShowBoat SM-Fetish Play Party of Mrs.Manita and once on Club DOMinanz, by Absolute Danny.

Matthias and his girl Jemina arrived friday in the afternoon at our place; quickly everything was very relaxed and nice. We talked a lot, laughed a lot and in general time flew by and we had to leave for Mrs.Manita's party. As usual Mrs.Manita's party are very nice to be at; a lot of familiar faces, real scene-people, the works. Matthias and Jemina's show was cool to watch. In Holland It doesn't happen very often (never!) that I get to watch a rope bondage performance with its roots clearly in the Japanese style that is quick, smooth, safe and beautiful to look at; all by the hands of a true master and his experienced model! Not long after the show we left. Matthias and Jemina have had a long day and another one in front of them.

(picture on the left is Jemina during her show and the picture on the right Chantal together with Mrs.Manita)

The next day we got up -late-, had breakfast, went for a walk in the Amsterdam Red Light District,  visited DeMask and talked some with the people working there (it's always nice to visit a store where rubber and bondage are prominently available :). In the evening we rested a little before going of to Club DOM. This is another great initiative in Amsterdam.  It's a have fun and play party for a "small" intimate group of pervy people, The SM/Fetish "incrowd". This is what makes it so much fun to be there. I won't "bore" you again with how much I liked the show. I'm just glad I took my camera and forgot to make pictures :).  We didn't leave the party very late, Matthias and Jemina had a long drive back to Hamburg the next day.

For us this was a nice change of weekend activity that we don't mind doing again.