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Posted on August 27 2006 by Bob
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This month's update in Club RopeMarks a photo serie we did with a photographer so Bob could focus on the bondage and me. We did a suspension with the belly down and half way Bob turns me around so I end up in a sitting position in the air.

We received an e-mail from a couple, we do not now them, inquiring about play parties in Holland. They seemed friendly people, even send us some pictures of them fully dressed in rubber. Halfway the message they talked about not playing that much anymore because they were busy with the children. They wrote that they hoped we would have children soon, because it was fun and we seemed like sweet parents. Although they mend well I get the creeps from remarks like this. First I think you have to be reluctant with remarks like this especially to strangers, because you never now if there is a history of trying to get pregnant but it doesn’t happen or pregnancies going wrong, etc. however that is not the story with us. To be blunt (I am good at that), I just don’t like children that much, I don’t have time for children and I do not want to make time for children. I like my life how it is now, I have a fulltime job as freelance office manager and I have another fulltime job with RopeMarks, which means working in the weekends and evenings and a lot of travel abroad. I am just not the motherly type. If a baby “enters” a room where a lot of women are they all start acting funny, probably their hormones, you see them melt and cooing, and all I can think about is “I hope it doesn’t start crying”.

I only start doing funny when I see kittens! As you know we have three lovely cats Mickey (16), Boris (11) and Neko (3). But we have a new kitten on the block; her name is Luci and she is (like I am at the moment) a red head. I was looking for a kitten, because it is hard to place an adult cat in a house where already 3 adult cats are. We went to the animal asylum, but they didn’t have kittens. It was my first time there and it is the most depressing place I have ever been! It is summer time, so their busiest time of the year. So many cats and dogs! I had tears in my eyes and had to cry on the way back home in the car. If I had a big house and more time I would adopt a few more and give them a good home. What are people thinking when they bring their pet to the asylum? Probably they didn’t think about what it means to have a pet in the first place. And a lot of people still feel superior above animals (and sometimes even each other).

This blog has no photos like normal, because my hard disk crashed :( I had a back-up, but before everything is in place it takes a couple of weeks. I bought an extra external harddisk to solve this problem with possible future disk crashes.

P.s. Some people misread my column, but I do not hate children, I just don't believe in getting children because you have to, because everybody else does. I think I would be a lousy parent and that would not be good for the kid and it is to big risk to try it out. But my idea for the column topic started with this; that you never have to explain why you do want children, but you do have to explain why you don't want children. Having children is as selfish as not having children. So what?!

Steve Indands (Austin Ropecraft Symposium)

Posted on August 11 2006 by Bob
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After BoundCon III (in Munchen, Deutschland) we packed our stuff together and travelled on to Riccione, Italy to meet up with Master "R" and his sub angel. There we enjoyed a week of doing absolutely nothing! Nothing? No, nothing! We enjoyed the sun, read books (Stephen King's Dark Tower series, should you care :) and made major decisions on where to have lunch and dinner each day. Life was good :)

Steve and BobA few days after we got back from Riccione we had a great meeting with Steve Indands. Steve is the man behind the Austin Ropecraft Symposion (ARS). This was our first opportunity to put a face to the e-mail address. We had a great time with him. Steve is a very cool dude that understands how the "scene" works and has respect written al over him. We really hope to see him again soon. Unfortunatly not on the 2006 ARS, as I wrote in an earlier blog entry:

After intensive communication with Steve (ARS organisation) we had to decline his offer to come and teach on the second Austion Ropecraft Symposium in Austin, Texas, USA. We had to decline the first ARS because of other responsibilities and this time we had to decline for financial reasons. Well... there is always next year :)

BoundCon III


Posted on August 04 2006 by Bob
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Andreas (Erotix) and ChantalIt's done, it was great and we are so doing it again next year! :) BoundCon III was one bondage-roller-coaster ride. We already thanked Erotix for what they did for us and for the scene by putting this event together. Andreas, the big (litterly:) engine behind Erotix and the BoundCon organisation can be seen in the photo on the right (white shirt, looking down on Chantal).

RopeMarks StandSo, what went down on BoundCon III for us, first of all we had our own stand. Here we performed regular demonstrations and shows. People could freely browse our websites (RopeMarks, Club RopeMarks and R.A.R.E.) ask questions and in general get to meet the people behind RopeMarks. What surprised us most of all was that a lot of people actually where interested in us :).

On the first and third day of the fair I was scheduled for a so called custom photo shoot, here is the explanation from the BoundCon site as to what this ment:

Up to 6 photographers at a time have the opportunity to photograph 1-2 models bound and positioned to their liking for one full hour. This takes place in an especially equipped side room, far away from the hustle and bustle of the fair. An experienced bondage master will help you fulfill your wishes. Some of the shoots will have themes, others have no theme and adjust to the wishes of the photographer...

MelanieThe custom photo shoot of the first day was with Melanie, she is a German model who only works for Erotix. It was an honor that I was given the opportunity to work with her. She is an easy going, experienced model that is just fun to work with.

Jill and ChantalJill and YvetteThe third day I was scheduled for a custom photoshoot with Yvette Costeau and Jill Diamond. We've already worked with Jill before but never with Yvette. Jill is very much fun to work with (she can't stop giggling :) and Yvette turned out to be a very relaxed model to. The entire scene turned out more hot (and I don't mean temperature!) than I initially intended.

RopeMarks Main Stage showOn the second day we had our main stage show and something completely unexpected happened. Way before our show started the area before the stage was completly filled to the max. Ofcourse we expected a number of people to watch but this number of people... Nobody was able to pass anymore. The show itself went very good and afterwards a lot of people came to the stand or stopping us on the fair to compliment us on the show. Very nice to experience this sort of appreciation for the thing we love so much.

One of the fun things about BoundCon is that we can do bondage all the time, anytime, everytime! And we did, we did a lot of play and demo's in our own stand.

photo's by Tom Hardswitch of and Bert Wibo of Massad

And last, but definitly not least, meeting old and makeing new friends. Here's a list of the people we actually took a photo of, In no particular order:

Sgt.Major Patrick Pech Lew Rubens Matthias and his girls
Sgt.Major Patrick Pech Lew Rubens Matthias and his girls
We are selling a lot of people short with this list, there where much more good and friendly people (old and new) from the scene we met.
Next year more photo's, even more bondage's and more fun!