Posted on June 29 2006 by Bob
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 This update is with a very good photographer, Patrick Ceuppens, and done in Antwerp in the Fetish Cafe. The photos are so good that is was hard to choose, so we used 83 photos and a very nice movie of over 10 minutes.
A while ago I bought a lovely Lolita outfit and had to see if it matched my white stockings and pink shoes. I started with some posing and got to play with my Hello Kitty vibrator. Then Bob said enough with the fun, bring in the rope. He bound me in a taware shibari.  It is a very static bondage and not so difficult in a torture kind of view. I even got the little vibrator connected to me by ropes. But a very wide collar was added, together with a ball gag and blindfold. Then Bob started putting Hello Kitty clamps on my nipples and breasts, I can assure you it was very hard to stay standing straight, happily I was secured with a rope to the ceiling. I don't know how long I was standing there. With the blindfold I completely lost track of time. Bob kept me awake with touching the clamps once in a while; ouch! After a while I was partly released and the blindfold and gag were removed I was allowed to lie down against Bob. But the play was not yet over.   Bob enjoyed himself by holding my tight and pouring hot candle was all over me. I didn't even notice anymore someone was there taking pictures of the whole ordeal.

Maybe most visitors do not want to hear me babbling about my weight, but I am proud to say that I have lost 4 kilo's already. The weight comes with getting older I have noticed. And when someone we know asked Bob if I was pregnant I knew I had to put a stop to it! I feel more comfortable now; you have to look good when on stage I think. And the heavier I am the harder it is to be in a suspension; I have to carry my own weight in the ropes. There is a turning point where being a masochist is not enough :) so in the future you will see a more slender me in photo shoots.

Kink in the Carribean, 2006

Posted on June 13 2006 by Bob
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This year "Kink in the Carribean" (KitC) is throwing their annual party for the seventh time. Every year we have been thinking about actually going there, this year we have been taking steps to do it (about time, right? :). We have good contact with the organisation, told them about our plans and asked for options. We got ourselves a very good deal where we had the opportunity to provide workshops and do shows and still have time to act upon our own perverted-ideas and get a tan :).

If you still remember, RopeMarks is not our primary business, we hold normal "nine to five" job and as I started calculation the days I needed off from my "other" job I ended up with to little days to spend on our KitC adventure.

So, in the end, no KitC for us this year. But next year we are going for sure!!!  :)
For all of you that are going, have fun!