BNN, "Spuiten en Slikken" request

Posted on May 30 2006 by Bob

Nice tidbid of information, we have been a guest on the Dutch national TV program "Spuiten en Slikken" (a program about drugs and sex) and they contacted us again to be a guest on the last show of this television season. This time they wanted to feature BDSM activitiy and present the program intoxicated with drugs :). Since they specifically requested for BDSM activity and referred to whipping and the likes we passed on their offer. We do Japanese bondage and like to keep our focus there. Instead we asked good friends, Miss Suzn and Ilya, of us if they where interested to do this. They where and have created a very good and informative piece on BDSM basics and advanced flesh hook suspensions.

Life is fun!

Posted on May 28 2006 by Bob

As you have seen, we've changed our website. RopeMarks is now our portfolio site, with our blogs, workshop and show information and our galleries can be found on our new website ClubRopeMarks.

This months ClubRopeMarks' update is a session Bob and me did at home. Bob put me in a one legged suspension and tied a rope-collar around my neck. Then I got a vibrating egg inserted and the craby clipped on. A rope from my collar to the ceiling hook was connected, in effect choking me. I could relieve myself (get air) by standing on my toes of one leg. This is hard and tiring. I was forced to switch between standing on my toes, getting air and standing comfortable on my foot, choking myself.

We have never had so many shows as at this time! I am not complaining, I love to do them, but it is very tiring considering I still have a fulltime vanilla job as well.

On May 13, we did a show at the Kinky Dreams party on main stage, which went very good. However, for a main stage show it was probably to long (almost 30 minutes). Yesterday (May 27) we did a show on Club Dominanz, which was more of an ambient performance. Therefore, no music of ourselves, no main stage, no tight schedule, "just" bondage play how we like to do it.

Up coming shows were you can see us perform are:
June 4: Dominatrix in Utrecht
June 10: Clinic in Amsterdam
July 21 till July 23: Boundcon in Munchen

And we have finally found a fantastic, affordable quality location in the centre of Amsterdam, provided with all necessities, with a bondage friendly organization. So the next level 1 workshop will be on Saturday August 19. You can register here for our workshops.

Posted on May 22 2006 by Bob

Time to untangle some more. Some of you might know, most probably don't. is the company behind sites like Sex and Submission, Hogtied, Waterbondage, Wired Pussy, etc. We got contacted by with a very interesting offer. We agreed to keep the details of the offer private, but we can say it was a tempting, lucrative offer. We've communicated and discussed a lot about this offer but in the end and RopeMarks could not reach an agreement that would be comfortable for both parties. Currently we parted ways in a friendly manner. Who knows what the future might bring :)

More shibari by RopeMarks on Dutch national tv.

Posted on May 06 2006 by Bob

We will be on television again, Saturday 13 May at 20:20 on Dutch television (Veronica) we will be in the programm "Bizar & Bijzonder" (Bizar and Extraordinary). The rerun is on Monday 15 May at 23:10 same channel.