Posted on March 26 2006 by Bob

I will keep it short this time, because I have so much to do and so little time!

This Thursday we are off to Japan and I still need to do many things for the trip. And to make things worse, my current assignment stops earlier then planned. Therefore, I need new work after the holiday, but how can I seek a new one when I am in Japan? Stress! :)

Here some photos made on the fetish party of Mrs. Manita. You see me with our good friends Angel and with Mrs. Manita.

I wanted to say something about our television experience, but you can read all about it in Bob's new column.
And for the rest... enjoy this month's update with Alsana Sin, who is very flexible with her arms.


Posted on March 22 2006 by Bob

DRACULA... the monster within
What do you see when you look in the mirror...?

Theaterworks Amsterdam will bring their unique interpretation of the classic story of Dracula to the Dutch and European stages this Summer!

Sounds cool huh? :) And RopeMarks is participating to choreograph/intergrate bondage into this play.

More info on Theater Works Amsterdam.

Kinbaku on BNN (Dutch national TV)

Posted on March 21 2006 by Bob

(backdated entry; March 6, 2006)

So... let's talk television... something that has been on my mind for some time. Why talk now then? Well, basically because we have been invited to participate in a television program and this time we accepted. For those living in the Netherlands the program is called "Spuiten en Slikken", is aired live on March 13 (2006) at 22:45 on BNN (Ned 3). The program has 3 block of 15 minutes, each block we get 5 minutes for either an interview or some real life bondage action.

In the past we have been approached by tv networks to participate in one of their programs. Most of the time it was to create a portrait of us (Bob and Chantal) as a couple with an out of the ordinary lifestyle called "bondage", "shibari" or "kinbaku". The people of these programs follow you around for a few weeks to film your lifestyle. With interviews and voice-over the viewers get to learn who we are, what we do and most importantly -why- we do it. Sofar things sound good, however the bulk of these programs usually portrait you respectfull but as a couple with a "sick" mind, this includes the way you are put on film. The programs aim is usually spectacle and the actual motivation is aired but buried under the spectacle of suspension bondages and bondage/S&M actions that we enjoy.

Short after accepting the "spuiten en slikken" invitation we got an other request from a network definitly focused on the wrong things of our relation and lifestyle but we accepted the in-take talk and will decide afterward if we continue with them. This is again a portrait of us where they wish to show the passion we have with our out-of-the-ordinary "hobby".

I'm beginning to think that if we get filmed outside of the scene that we operate in (international fetish and S&M scene) we get portraited as sick minds but if a program is willing to go into "our" scene things are just filmed the way they are. Conclusions are left to the viewers and are not stuffed down the viewers throat by the way the program is cutted. An example of a Spanish network interviewing us on the French La Nuit Demonia is online on Dutch Shibari and at the end of the month on RopeMarks .

Personally, I don't think that what we do is that special. At least 80% of the Dutch people tried bondage at least once and there are a lot of wannabee-bondagist out there that would love to do what we do. However, our way of bondage has risen to a level that is not for the bedroom anymore, it has become a performance art. This level can be reached by anybody but it requires a lot of motivation and persistence, and that is the part the makes me feel "special", our drive, our motivation, our passion. We focus on creating beautiful and sometimes painful images of the beauty that the female body is. It's a fetish :)

So why did we accept the offer to be on television this time? There a number of reasons
- The program is live. So after the shooting they can not cut it to create something "sick" from our air time.
- All questions are given beforehand and we get to steer the direction of the interview. Should they change things during the show we can still steer things because it is live.
- The program handles serious topics that are of interest for young people. It deals with drugs and sex.
- In general the topics are discussed "in-depth". How "deep" can you go in a limited time? But at least they try, we appreciate that.
- The focus of the program is providing information and the sensation part is imo a shared focus but definitly not the main focus. Again, we appreciate that.
- The female presenter is looking good and I would love to tie her on national TV. But this is a secondary motivation to participate :)

After the show we know if it was worth it or if we got portraid as sick-minded people with a blurred view on society... time will tell.

La Tannerie in Pezenas, France

Posted on March 21 2006 by Bob

(backdated entry; Feb 28, 2006)

We have spent the last weekend in the South of France, Paulhan and Pezenas to be exact. We were invited by Franse sculpter Dann Chetrit to model for some kinbaku sculptures he is going to create. Our stay there was very pleasant, Dann and his wife Fabienne are very good and friendly people and have access to the best France wines :)

We arrived on Thursday evening, where Dann picked us up from the airport in Montpellier for a short drive of 45 minutes to his house in Paulhan where we met his lovely wife Fabienne and his daughter Luna. We where also treated to an unexpected dinner (the France eat late) with some very good wine.

For Friday Dann has organized a party for his friends in his studio La Tannerie in Pezenas. This gave us the opportunity to show our stuff in a number of shows. The party was attented by close to 50 people ranging from artist, photographers to art-lovers and fetishists. This was for us a great way to get our bondage out of the S&M scene and into the art scene (something we feel very strong about). The shows we did were greatly appreciated and we have some great leads for a more artistic approach of our shibari/kinbaku bondage style.

Photo by Gnome

That same evening we collaborated with Gnom, a photographer with a lot of experience and specialized in lightpainting, to create some wonderfull lightpainted photo's of one of our bondage's. We are definitly going to meet with him again to create images.
Pose for lifesize stone sculpture

Our Saturday was spent very relaxed, getting up late, eating and drinking at La Tannerie with Dann, Fabienne and Gnom and his wife. The wine as well as the food was excellent. Later in the day we did a pose for Dann to create a sculpture from. Dann's sculpture are usually a little bigger than lifesize. The evening we spent with friends at Cap d'Agde for food and party. Again we ended this evening some great leads for future performances (a short tour) in France, specifically the south.

The Sunday was started late with food and drinks, a tour of the surroudings where Dann and Fabienne lived and a in-house picnic in the France style (good food and good wine :). Later in the day we did 3 more poses that Dann is going to use for sculptures. The day ended with good food, good wine a wonderfull evening among friends (we where only a few day together with Dann and Fabienne but we do consider them friends).


Monday we had to leave for Amsterdam again. We've had a wonderfull time and have some great memories to look back upon (not the mention the bottles of wine and 15+GB in photo's and video that we brought back home :)

Some interesting links:
Dann's blog
La Tannerie (Dann's studio)
Gnom's site
Cap d'Agde

Dutch Shibari

Dann Chetrit - La Tannerie, Pezenas

Posted on March 21 2006 by Bob

(backdated entry; Feb 17, 2006)

Next week we are going to the South of France for a kinbaku art project in stone sculptures. We are going to model for the artist.

ARS - Austin Ropecraft Symposium II

Posted on March 21 2006 by Bob

(backdated entry; Feb 17, 2006)

After intensive communication with Steve (ARS organisation) we had to decline his offer to come and teach on the second Austion Ropecraft Symposium in Austin, Texas, USA. We had to decline the first ARS because of other responsibilities and this time we had to decline for financial reasons. Well... there is always next year :)

Akechi Denki

Posted on March 21 2006 by Bob

(backdated entry; 17 july, 2005)

AkechiAkechi DenkiA sad thing has happened on July 17th at 10:35 in Japan. Nawashi Akechi Denki has died at the early age of 64. With his departing the greatest Japanese rope master is gone. His insight, his knowledge, his art - it is not available anymore. With his dead an era ends.


In Memoriam

BoundCon II - 2005

Posted on March 21 2006 by Bob

(backdated entry; june 14, 2005)

It's over for this year; Bound Con.  

Chantal in front of our BoundCon II booth
Here's a first (work safe) image of Chantal in front our booth:

After this 3 day event we are very tired but also very happy and content. We finally got to meet Lew Rubens (after years of e-mail exchanges) Maria Shadoes and the Sergeant Major. We saw the familiar faces again of Matthias, Anna and Nicole, it's always nice to spent time with them. And we got to see Zamil and Maliz. We got to talk to Master U and Anna Rose from AlterPic (many thanks for the book and we'll talk soon) and many many more.

This was our first time on BoundCon and it was super, friendly people, many people dressed in beautiful fetish/gothic and bdsm outfits. It was a real treat to watch all the beautiful people.

Was there nothing negative about the event... maybe the overkill of non-official photographers, every time we played a bondage scene there where at least 10-15 photographers with hard flashes (remember guys, send us the photo's!)

Our show during the party went like a charm and was received very well by the audience (or so the compliments after-wards made us believe :). The only thing I can say is that our shibari style show was complimented with a f*ck*ng machine, 1.5 liters of water and a wiggling butt :)

That's all for now, now it's back to unpacking.

Bob Untangles

Ramblings, thoughts and all things RopeMarks

Posted on March 20 2006 by Bob

There are a lot of things happening behind the RopeMarks scenes that you, our faithfull visitor, don't know anything about. Things like our plans for the future of RopeMarks, R.A.R.E., Dutch Shibari and a few more interesting domains that are ours. Things like information of our communications with party organisations, models and other scene people. Things like the reasons behind certain decisions (i.e. members section vs token gallery). All these things, be it positive or negative, and more will be addressed in this blog.

This is not only a serious blog about RopeMarks and RopeMarks related things but when available fun little tidbits related to bondage, shibari, kinbaku will be shared. Interesting sites will be mentioned, etc.

Interesting entries from my previous blog (livejournal) will be moved to this blog and the previous blog will no longer be updated.

Enjoy RopeMarks, :)

Kinbaku in the South of France

Posted on March 01 2006 by Bob

The sculpturist Dann Chetrit from Pesenaz makes among other things sculptures of women in bondage. For his work he needed a model and a rigger to study. So last weekend we took the plane to Marseille for a long weekend of bondage meeting art.

We arrived Thursday evening and had a lovely dinner at Dann and Fabienne’s house. They let us sleep in their bedroom (their hospitality was almost to much). And on Friday Dann showed us his studio. It is a nice place; it is big and has a great atmosphere (including a bar). Friday evening Dann arranged a “arts live” evening where we did two bondage shows. The audience (art people, not fetish/SM) had no idea what to expect, but we got a lot of compliments after our performance. They really loved it. The biggest turn on for them was the love between Bob and me. They had not expected it to be so full of tendernes, they thought it would be harder. I must say that most people do not understand what we do and that especially our suspensions are extreme and are really torture. Maybe I should start crying to get more impact on the torture aspect of what we do :)

After the show we did a photo shoot with Gnom, he makes photos with light painting. His photos are done with a camera, flashlights and a long shutter speed, but not with a computer and not with photoshop or what so ever. He is a real artist, the photos turned out beautiful. We definately want to do more with him in the future.Gnom

Saturday evening we went to famous Cap D’Agde, also called the Naked City. It is a whole naturist town (which is very quiet at winter). We went to club Glamour, which is a swingers club. We are no swingers, but it was not mandatory to have sex with other people :) We met with some nice friends from Dann and Fabienne and had a great evening.

On Saturday and Sunday, we posed in several bondage poses for Dann. He made a drawing and took pictures so he can use it to create his sculptures.

It was a wonderful weekend. We met lovely people and enjoyed the French way of live! We can't wait to see the sculptures when they are finnished.

This update you see me not as the rope victim for a change, but I got to play with sub angel.