Party time

Posted on January 29 2006 by Bob

We had a busy month!

DinnerWe gave a private workshop to Marrow and Debora of BindMe and afterwards we went out to dinner with them and with Kumi Monster (you all know her), Ancilla Tilia (soon you'll all know her) and with Anna and Uwe of Alterpic (you got to get to know her). Here you see us all in the restaurant it was a fun night. Kumi is great in telling all kind of anecdotes. It was something else to see everybody in their normal clothes and not in full fetish dress.

ModelsAnd we went to a great, relatively new, Dutch party organized by our friends Brigitte and Renier; Siberia (the photos on the party were taken by Patrick Kaas). The emphasis on this party is full fetish dress; just leather pants and bare upper body is not enough and it has a Russian flavor. I had a special dress custom made by Lynda of Skintight and it turned out pretty good. It is inspired on a dress Midori was wearing on a photo once. Kumi and Ancilla were also at the party, here you see us with DarkWing-Zero.
Bob bought Russian air force parade uniform for the occasion and you have to admit; he looks great and yummi in a uniform!Chantal & Bob See here drunk Russian officer with hooker :)

This update you see me hooked. Some time ago I bought these pink slutty boots to go with my pink corset and Bob bought a pussy hook; the basic for some Sunday afternoon playtime. My arms were bound to the ceiling and I got a spreader bar between my feet. The head-harness-ball-gag is one of my favorite toys. I love the tight feeling on my head and face. Then with a simple breast bondage the pussy hook was brought in place. It feels nice, it is tight and because it ends above your belly, you can only make little moves. We moved from the bedroom to the living room. Bob bound me to the table so he had a good few on my best assets. Also a good time to try out the new blindfold we have. A hair bondage, which was attached to the ceiling made sure I kept my head high. Bob used a whip, candle wax and a vibrator to finish the day.

Bondage where it was originally intended for?!

Posted on January 21 2006 by Bob

A burglar, who has been overpowered by a group elderly people in New Zealand after a failed burgling, did not get sentence lowering. Local television stations transmitted pictures of the burglar who had been tied up by the elderly people and had been hung upside down. His lawyer pleaded for sentence lowering, because the robber was already embarrassed enough according to him. The judge judged however that the man had got what he deserved and gave him two years cell.

Japan, here we come!

Posted on January 08 2006 by Bob

Yes! We're finally going to Japan. We leave on March 30 for 3 weeks. Tips and advice are more then welcome.