Fucking machine

Posted on December 29 2005 by Bob

This update you can see me get fucked... literally! I always tell people that our shows and our website are erotic and that we don't do porn. Nevertheless, there is a thin line between eroticism and porn. And when my cunt is on a pic my family will probably think it is porn. I always find this a difficult thing to explain to others or myself. Therefore, I just look at every picture and then decide what can be published and what not. I have no problems with photos of my private parts, but I do have problems with a full (bold) beaver shot with an inserted dildo. There is no art in that. There is however, art in bondage, even in bondage combined with a fucking machine. So go have a look and you decide for yourself if it's erotic or porn!

A friend of ours is the owner of the fucking machine and we could borrow it for a photo shoot. He and his girlfriend asked if it was ok if they stayed and watch. "No problem" I said, but in the end it was somewhat strange to be in full bondage and been watched by two people. I only have sex with Bob and always in the privacy of our own home. Bob taking photos or even filming our play and then putting it online is very different then people in the same room watching me get fucked by a machine.

The pics you see here in my column are taken at the fetish party Nuit Demonia in Paris, France. The one of me dressed in black also gives a peek of my new hairdo; I have a pony now. The other one shows me dressed in rope and some other accessoiries. Bob put me in a body harness, added a very tight crotch-rope, added nipple clamps with a rope attached to the chain functioning as a leash, my arms in a waitress position and last a head harness with a gag attached. This way he walked me around on the party. It was a great party, what I liked the most was that there was no house music. I have nothing against house music, but on every fetish party you come it is the same music. It is nice, for a change, to hear some eighties music and even some Rammstein (industrial rock). By looking at the people we noticed that there was not a strict dress code, but people were very creative and original. One point of complaint (we are Dutch after all) the beverages were very expensive. However, I think that's common in Paris. And you could not get wine at the bar. No wine in Paris? Strange! We started the evening with an interview for Spanish television about shibari, the way we do it. I am curious to the result.

RopeMarks @ Kamastura

Posted on December 29 2005 by Bob

Do you live in The Netherlands and want to see us live without having to go to a fetish party? On Friday 20 January at 21:00 we give a bondage demonstration on the SM island at the Kamasutra erotic fair in Utrecht.