Club update, Slaughter ready

with Dutch Dame and Kitty Catafalque

Posted on August 02 2014 by RopeMarks

with Dutch Dame and Kitty CatafalqueWoman are precious souls that need to be treated with kindness, love and respect and if you have the possibility put on a pedestal and worshiped.

But sometimes... just sometimes, woman need to be put in their place, played with, ignored, bound and left with the solitude of their own thinking... This was one of those sometimes...

Download this video.

Slaughter ready with Dutch Dame and Kitty Catafalque

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Govert de Roos

with Haas, Tanya and Nondonoir

Posted on July 23 2014 by RopeMarks
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Some time ago we had a great team collaboration between Govert de Roos, models Haas and Tanya and shop Nondonoir. A lot of stuff was shot but I will only dazzle you with the bondage shots:

Haas by Govert de RoosTanya by Govert de Roos

More eye-candy in the RopeMarks portfolio
We *really* like the end result but it was a also a very fun day, here's some behind the scene's sequences to prove it 

RopeMarks doing Haas backstage

Some behind the scene snaps

Govert de Roos, RopeMarks, Haas & co., Tanya Galore.

The Witch

with Dutch Dame

Posted on July 15 2014 by RopeMarks

Sometimes you just want a little artsy-fartsy in your Japanese style rope bondage. Dutch Dame is just the girl to pull that off in a deceptivly easy, comfortable, looking tie we call 'the witch'.

the witch with Dutch Damethe witch with Dutch Damethe witch with Dutch Damethe witch with Dutch Dame


more here

Exposed Dame

Gyaku ebi

Posted on July 13 2014 by RopeMarks

Exposed Dame - Gyaku ebiNo slavegirl is complete without a wide collar and high heels, this goes double for the hotness that is Dutch Dame, it completes her; mind, body and soul.

First Dutch Dame is told to expose herself to me, in all her naked glory she does as a good girl should. She is stunning!

Next, to up the ante, her arms are bound strict on her back in a tasuki and she's told to expose herself again - slavegirl with a handicap to please her Sir. She is doing a very good job at showing her bound perfect slavegirl body to me, I am pleased.

As it happened we had a warm autumn day in the Netherlands and all this exposing gave me an idea, we could do with some bonding with the neighbors, why not have them enjoy the view that I have as well? Time to take my slavegirl outside and show her in al her glory to our neighbors.

This was a fun exercise but my slavegirl still had the opportunity to walk away should I fail to pay attention. To fix this little hinder Dutch Dame is put on a table, still in clear view of our neighbors, bound in a gyaku ebi and just for good measure gagged to make the beautiful picture that she is even more attractive!

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We did leave who, where?

forgotten negotiations....

Posted on July 13 2014 by RopeMarks

On the wall

Posted on July 06 2014 by RopeMarks
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Occasionally we receive requests for framed artwork from our extensive portfolio - hmmm... maybe we should formalize that... Usually these requests fall through because unfortunatly people understimate the cost of high quality printing and framing. 

But luckily for us, some workout and when we get the proud image of our work on the wall of a happy pervert we definitly love to share it as well.

This is the original photo:
(a very heavy rubber bondage cooperation with KinkyStyle and Mistress Lucrezia)


Here it is on the wall of a happy perv:

Should you be interested in a framed print, just browse through our site(s) and let us know what images has your interest.



without words

Posted on June 28 2014 by RopeMarks
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Negotiating with Daisy Bells... Sometimes words are just not necessary... 

Negotiation with Daisy BellsFinished negotiation with Daisy Bells


no models were, unwillingly, harmed during the negotiation process

Club update, The initiation of Daisy Bells

Ushiro Gassho

Posted on June 27 2014 by RopeMarks

The initiation of Daisy Bells, Ushiro gasshoThis update is of a new face on Club RopeMarks, Daisy Bells. A sexy blond with a matching mindsex... set, mindset.

We easy her into the traditional Japanese rope bondage of RopeMarks Ryu with a deceptively simple ushiro gassho. That is, simple for me and sweet extacy for Daisy.

This gallery is accompanied by a short behind the scenes video, showing the moving body of Daisy in full bound glory.

Download this video.

The initiation if Daisy Bells, Ushiro gassho

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the RopeMarks team

Dutch Dame, 2014

by Marcus Gloger

Posted on June 21 2014 by RopeMarks

Dutch Dame, 2014 - by Marcus GlogerDutch Dame and RopeMarks have had the pleasure of working with the amazing photographer Marcus Gloger on several occasions. Mr.Gloger is taken with Dutch Dame as much as we are with him and his work. This mutual appreciation has resulted in a very beautiful hardcover book of just Dutch Dame as seen by Marcus Gloger and tied by RopeMarks.

This book turned out to be a collection of *very* beautiful images of Dutch Dame in fetish, rubber and bound in rope, leather and metal. This book would look good on any coffe table as a kinky conversation starter.

Photographer: Marcus Gloger 
Model: Dutch Dame 
Bondage: Bob of RopeMarks

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Some of the bondage images that can be found in the book  (for the fetish images, get the book)

Dutch Dame by Marcus Gloger (tied by RopeMarks)Dutch Dame by Marcus Gloger (tied by RopeMarks)Dutch Dame by Marcus Gloger (tied by RopeMarks)Dutch Dame by Marcus Gloger (tied by RopeMarks)Dutch Dame by Marcus Gloger (tied by RopeMarks)Dutch Dame by Marcus Gloger (tied by RopeMarks)Dutch Dame by Marcus Gloger (tied by RopeMarks)Dutch Dame by Marcus Gloger (tied by RopeMarks)

Show images

Posted on June 20 2014 by RopeMarks
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We've found some time to add some images from our shows to the RopeMarks show section, also we started re-building the lost testimonials.

Here's a quick preview of the show images, click the link above to get an overview from all show images that we have so far.

From a show on the Dutch ShowBoat Fetish play-party

From a show on the Dutch ShowBoat Fetish play-party

a shady image from the invitation only party Mimosa

Besides the RopeMarks shows we sometimes participate and help out in the shows from friends.

The following sequence is from our participation in the HW-Design catwalk on the Wasteland party in Amsterdam. RopeMarks leading a rubber clad and bound submissive Dutch Dame over the HW-Design catwalk during a Wasteland party in Amsterdam.

RopeMarks leading Dutch Dame over the catwalk for HW-Design @ Wasteland

This next sequence is from our participation with a DeMasK rubber show together with Anna Rose on the SubRosaDictum party in Munich

RopeMarks with Demask, Anna Rose and Dutch Dame

Enjoy, don''t forget to visit our show page for more eye-candy.