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Number 12, 2014

Posted on April 05 2014 by RopeMarks
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RopeMarks FlyerDutch Dame FlyerThe twelfth RopeMarks flyer, a beautiful cooperation with a lot of amazing talent: RopeMarks, Dutch Dame, Guldor, MEW-Chiel, Brigitte More and Cosmic Events.


Happy silly

Posted on March 22 2014 by RopeMarks

Happy... but somewhat surprised that two pretty girls agreed to my train of perverted thoughts.... silly!

Happy silly

(photo by Alex Perex, model Dutch Dame)

Negotiation happened for the series, The rise and fall of the Tengu.

Club update, the rise and fall of the Tengu

part 1

Posted on March 19 2014 by RopeMarks

The rise and fall of the Tengu, with Dutch Dame and Kim OnArtThings start out innocent enough, two pretty girl, Dutch Dame and slavegirl19971, enjoying a sip of sake. It doesn't take long before Dutch Dame is tightly tied withslavegirl19971 following quickly.

A rough aranawa (rice rope) is gracing the loins of Dutch Dame and passing through her VJJ, stimulating her with rough fibers with every single move she makes.

These two stunning girls find themselves in a predicament where Kim is controlling the tension on Dutch Dame's VJJ. The more tired slavegirl19971 gets the more tension Dutch Dame has to endure. A beautiful sight...

When the girls are finally free from their predicament Dutch Dame is going for sweet and sexy payback, she lets her inner demon take over, the rise of the Tengu, the Yamabushi Tengu...

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RopeMarks Portfolio

now with video's

Posted on March 14 2014 by RopeMarks
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Something that has been on my wishlist for some time is the ability to have video's in the RopeMarks portfolio. Yesterday I decided to go for it, nerd through the night and et voila... video's are in our portfolio. Go see and let me know what you think

RopeMarks Portfolio


People think we make art.

Posted on March 12 2014 by RopeMarks
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Who would have ever guessed, people seem to like what we do!  Over the years several artists have created pieces of art in cooperation with us or from our work or public appearances.

by Miss Jane UK, Dutch Dame and Honey hairVenus Trail Series, by Thorsten FreyeDDC by Pedro KonijnLifesize ebi shibari sculpture by Dann Chetrit


Here's the first batch, there is more in the pipeline, keep an eye on this page.

BoundCon 2013 - 10 year anniversary

Europe's biggest bondage and fetish event

Posted on March 06 2014 by RopeMarks

The BoundCon of 2014 is only a few months away, so I guess it's time to tell you about BoundCon 2013. It might not come as a surprise, but it was awesome! And by the looks of things this year will be even better (if that is even possible)!.

A quick reminder, BoundCon is Europe's biggest bondage and fetish fair. I think it's even save to say the biggest world wide.

The RopeMarks booth @ BoundConThe 2013 edition was the ten year anniversary of BoundCon and we're very proud to have been present almost every year, save two for some very good reasons.

Usually RopeMarks' main stage show is the closing show during the busiest day, Saturday, of the fair. This year we got moved to the Friday, apparently something special was planned for the Saturday.

For the 10nd anniversary RopeMarks provided a (even if I say so myself) kick-ass main stage show with a lot of humour, party theme and ending.The video from this show will be on-line soon on our show page ( Here are a few stills to wet your appetite

RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage RopeMarks live @ BoundCon mainstage


Also RopeMarks provided a workshop where the focus was basics and decorative Japanese bondage.

RopeMarks workshop @ BoundConRopeMarks workshop @ BoundCon


I had the pleasure of featuring as a rigger in two custom photo shoots, one was with the sweet and beautiful Drea Morgan. My second custom photo shoot I had the pleasure of using and abusing the limber Lena King and the chatty Nadine (I did shut her up! :)).  Here are some photo's of the CPS', the video's from these shoots will be on-line soon on Club RopeMarks (

The beautiful Dutch Dame and Beautiful Drea Morgan, just before the CPSThe beautiful Drea Morgan, just before the CPSThe beautiful Drea Morgan suffering for RopeMarksThe beautiful Drea Morgan gagged and suffering for RopeMarksThe beautiful Drea Morgan The beautiful Drea Morgan upside down in distressThe beautiful Drea Morgan, beauty in sufferingWe just can't get enough :)


NadineWith Lena King and NadineNadine and Lena King in reverse prayer ebi bondageNadine and Lena KingNadine, sexy red headWith Nadine and Lena KingLena King, Limber, pretty and submissiveNadine and Lena King in pussy suffering


One of my favourite activities on BoundCon are the demonstrations in our own booth with my own girl and property, Dutch Dame.

My pride, joy and love, Dutch Dame.My pride, joy and love, Dutch Dame.My pride, joy and love, Dutch Dame.Dutch Dame, beautiful and sweet as always


Last but not least, events like BoundCon are a joy to meet old friends (and make new ones)

Together with the beautiful Drea MorganWith the inimitable Maestro BDWith the charming Mr. InnerSanctum himself, Max :)With the cutest Italian property, Morrigan Little.


With the amazing Katarina Blade and the sweetest CatWith the amazing Katarina Blade and Russian bondage master Boris MosafirOhw, yeah, the Saturday night event because of the 10 year anniversary, a KISS cover band! Rock on! :)

Tired, but happy with my girl and property by my side

I must not forget, we als went to the Saturday night SubRosaDictum fetish party. We had to cancel a main stage act there simply because we were way-to-tired, it would have become irresponsible, but Dutch Dame did participate in the DeMasK heavy rubber show - a beautifull sight, not tied in rope, but fully enclosed in rubber... The video can be found on Dutch Dame's own site ( Here are some backstage- and party shots:

With Anna RoseWith Anna Rose, show outfit almost readyHappy me! My property in head-to-toe DeMasK RubberWith Stefano LaforgiaWith Ukiyo DiemWith the Italian Connection: Stefano, Ukiyo, AndreaWith DeMasK beauty OrnellaWith the Lovely Julie SimoneWith Ukiyo and Maurice


The 2014 edition promises to be even more interesting and fun already, I'm getting more Zzzz to prepare... see you there!

RopeMarks shows
Club RopeMarks
Dutch Dame

Club update, BoundCon III - Custom Photoshoot 2

Posted on February 18 2014 by RopeMarks

rm20060721-23_part2_cover.jpgIf you ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes of the BoundCon custom photo shoots (CPS) this is your chance to see!

This video is from one of my CPS's during the third BoundCon, way back in 2006(! - note: this update went live in 2014; this video was shot eight years ago). I get to play with Yvette Costeau (Miss BDSM 2013) and Jill Diamond.

Usually I enter a CPS with no predetermined plan, as was the case in this situation. Slowly starting with a simple gote I hope the vibe from the girls will get my creativity flowing, it did and together we build a scene that is simply stunning and fun.

Download this video.

BoundCon III with Yvette Costeau and Jill Diamond

On a personal note this is bringing back memories a lot has changed since 2006, most notably I have grown in my style of tying. But after seeing this CPS again even I am impressed with what I do and how I do it and a lot of kudo's go to Yvette and Jill... although as you can see in the video they seem to enjoy themselves, lots... I hope you do too!

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RopeMarks Workshop

Zondag 30 Maart 2014

Posted on February 09 2014 by RopeMarks

This will be a primarily Dutch speaking workshop

Later als geplanned, de eerste shibari workshop van 2014 komt er aan, het gaat om een zogenaamde level 1++ workshop waar we je modulair de basis technieken van Japanse bondage (ook bekend als shibari of kinbaku) leren. Anders dan onze voorgaande Level 1 workshops zijn er wijzigingen doorgevoerd, deze houden in het kort in dat we bondage's van onze Level 2 integreren in deze Level 1. Hiermee creeeren we binnen een workshop een completer beeld van de magie van Japanse bondage.

Datum : zondag 30 maart 2014
Tijd : 14:00 - 18:00 uur
Plaats : Amsterdam aan de rand van het centrum
Prijs : EUR 110,- per stel

Het is de bedoeling dat je actief meedoet daarom is de workshop ook alleen voor (gelegenheids)stellen. Bob (RopeMarks) doet iets voor op zijn model (Dutch Dame), en dan doe je dit onder supervisie na op je partner. Bob geeft je tips, adviezen en beantwoord je vragen. Verder krijg je in de vorm van een tijdreis ook de gedachten en geschiedenis achter de (Japanse) bondage's mee.

Het bedrag voor deze workshop is inclusief de vier uur durende workshop, gratis toegang voor een maand tot onze online workshop RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange (R.A.R.E.), certificaat van deelname en hapjes en drankjes.

Geef je op door ons zo spoedig mogelijk een mail te sturen, dan sturen wij je de verdere details. Vol is vol!

De personen die gebonden worden hoeven niet bloot (mag wel), de bondages kunnen ook gewoon over kleren heen om aan te leggen. Zorg wel dat je dan wat makkelijks aan hebt, jurkje of broek, beetje strak truitje of t-shirt. Ondergoed mag natuurlijk ook. Er is geen dresscode, de meeste mensen komen in hun "gewone" kleren. Het is puur leren bonderen, dus geen spel en geen seks. Het is gewoon een gezellige dage waar we bezig zijn met touw, ieder op zijn eigen partner. Tot snel,

Het RopeMarks Team.
Onze sites:

RopeMarks, - The True Beauty of, Japanese, Bondage
Club RopeMarks, - Our Members Only Club
Shop RopeMarks, - Online shopping
Blog RopeMarks, - RopeMarks Untangled
R.A.R.E., - Ropemarks Artistic Rope Exchange - online and real life workshops


4 hours interactive & main stage, 2013

Posted on January 18 2014 by RopeMarks

One could argue we are  becoming part of the furniture for the B.I.T.C.H party. We've written more than enough about by it now (search this blog for more info).

One fun thing to add is that this time reporters from the Dutch magazine Panorama were present. Panorama is the leading weekly magazine for the man and they were there for an item about BITCH, parts of our performance were used in the magazine:

Page from Panorama


So without further ado, here are the photo's (at least the ones we have gotten) of our interactive:

 RopeMarks @ BITCHRopeMarks @ BITCHRopeMarks @ BITCH


The photo's from our mainstage act:

 RopeMarks @ BITCHRopeMarks @ BITCHRopeMarks @ BITCHRopeMarks @ BITCH


Parts of this mainstage show and the interactive can also be found on a BITCH compilation DVD

Download this video.

B.I.T.C.H. Compilation DVD

For the next B.I.T.C.H. party (Feb. 2014) we are getting a rotating stage for our interactive! How cool is that :)

More visual from the RopeMarks shows:
More publications in the Media:

Club update, Star me Kitten

with Mari Kitten

Posted on January 12 2014 by RopeMarks

Star me Kitten with Mari KittenPlease enjoy new face Mari Kitten. To properly welcome Mari into the RopeMarks family we have a triple bondage experience in mind for her.

First we make Mari be the secretary in distress. Little does she know there will be actual distress when we push over the chair she is sitting on, bound...

Next the decision is made to expose Mari's best ASSet, in tight latex, bend over. A few spanks makes that girl nicely squirm.

Finally we corset-up Mari and tie her in a kata-ashi zuri and enjoy the beautiful view that she is...

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