Two year anniversary

Posted on September 02 2015 by RopeMarks
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Last June it was the second anniversary of the weekly Amsterdam rope meeting; Rope Lounge.

We had to honor to perform a live show, no photo's, but to whet the activity it had something to do with a naked girl, rope and bamboo - it was good :)

Dutch Dame and RopeMarksDutch Dame suspended for the RopeLounge group suspensionBefore the performance we participated in a group suspension activitiy; this is where a small group of people suspended their partner for the sole purpose of creating a kick ass image as result.

RopeLoung group suspension

check the large image on our events page.

The Links: RopeMarks, Rope Lounge, Menno van der Meulen.

Mallorca HQ

something not even close to a Flamingo dance

Posted on September 01 2015 by RopeMarks

This summer we have spend nothing short but an amazing time at our Mallorca HQ. We is my girl Dutch Dame, the HW-design team, model Sinteque and awesome photographer Mr. Daniel Berserker.

There was a lot of necessary relaxing, eating, drinking and swimming, but also a lot of rubber, bondage and sexiness. The content we created will soon be published on Club RopeMarks, Rubber Restrained and will appear in selected magazines and media.

In the mean time, enjoy something not even close to a Flaminga dance...

Download this video.

Something not even close to a Flamingo dance - with Dutch Dame and Mr. HW-Design himself.

Shibari fashion and shoe porn

with Dennis Diem

Posted on August 12 2015 by RopeMarks

We have had the immense pleasure to cooperate with the amazing Dutch designer Dennis Diem.

Together with Dennis' beautiful beetle dress, some amazing shoes and RopeMark's artistry in rope we created some very stunning work and, by lack of a better word, shoe porn

Noah wearing Dennis Diem and RopeMarksNoah wearing Dennis Diem and RopeMarksNoah wearing Dennis Diem and RopeMarksNoah wearing Dennis Diem and RopeMarksNoah wearing Dennis Diem and RopeMarksNoah wearing Dennis Diem and RopeMarks


designer Dennis Diem, model Noah, photos Sander Dekker, mua Maikel van Lingen, hair Tommy Hagen, Rope work / Bondage Bob of RopeMarks

Club update, Surrender

with Necia Navine

Posted on August 09 2015 by RopeMarks

Surrender - with Necia NavineIn a club, after hours, we have the sexy red head Necia Navine at our disposal. We have been teasing each other all night long, drinking, partying, talking dirty about kinky stuff.

Little did she know that the owner of the club and I go way back and I made an arrangement to stay after hours with sexy Necia.

When everybody left Necia was surprised we stayed. She was even more surprised when I ordered her to strip and dress up in corset, stockings and heels - which she did.

Next I brought out my rope bag and started a tight bondage session where Necia was turned into a beautiful bundle of red-headed submission - bound, gagged, blindfolded and totally and willing surrendered to my kinky pleasures.

There was little sleep that day...

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Download this video.

Surrender with Necia Navine

Club update, Bed, bed and beyond

with Abraxas

Posted on July 03 2015 by RopeMarks

Bed, bed and beyond with AbraxasWe have the immensely sexy Abraxas for you, small in size but huge in sexy attitude. Today we severely tie up her petite body with her legs spread, gag her, clamp her and choke her; all for our own perverted pleasure... and it seems she gets some enjoyment from it as well.

But first, we ask her to seduce us, to show us her fine ass and delicious body. We then start to tie her body, step by step in preparation for exposure of the vjj. Even bound this girl does not stop moving and it's not simply moving it's like sensual seductive waves going through her body.

The lips of Abraxas are as sensual as they look but for today we have no use for them, we put a harness-gag on her bald head and strap it tight, forcing the ball deep in her mouth, her lips luscious over ball. It is not a particularly big gag but for a petite girl as Abraxas it's sizable and she handles it like she's had bigger things in her mouth...

Next we clamp her petite tits and her pussy - this brings out some interesting moans.

Finally a neck rope to finish this exposed pièce de résistance - now the drooling starts.

Download this video.

Bed,bed and beyond with Abraxas

She takes our abuse like a pro and suffering like this Abraxas' petite body gets some uncontrollable shakes...

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Club update, Upside down and legs spread

with Dutch Dame

Posted on June 10 2015 by RopeMarks

Upside down and legs spread.Tied in a innovative gote Dutch Dame will be put through the kinbaku paces of a spread legged upside down suspension from the stairs by the ankles only.

First we tie our girl upside down against the stairs and then release her to swing from her spread ankles from the stairs.

Dutch Dame is awesome, the setting is awesome, the capture is awesome and I think you will find the results of this set awesome as well, there is no other girl that suffers so beautifully and easily while being tormented in a kinbaku sakasa zuri semenawa session as Dutch Dame.

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BoundCon XI


Posted on May 15 2015 by RopeMarks

It is that time of the the year again! We’re looking forward to it like Christmas, but in shorts...

This is a big blog entry, if you're feeling impatient, here's a video impression of RopeMarks @ BoundCon.

Download this video.

RopeMarks @ BoundCon

RopeMarks booth @ BoundConThe RopeMarks presence on BoundCon seems to grow by the year (and we love it!), this year we had a combined booth together with BindMe and Matthias Grimme creating one monster of a place for people to get rope and see rope.


BoundCon show planThis time we got booked for three big-ass prime-time main-stage acts, three custom photo shoots and one 4 hour workshop. On top of this we had continues bondage activities in the booth

RopeMarks, Safiya Winta, Dutch Dame, SerendipityBecause of the size of the booth and presence in activities we had this year we brought reinforcements in the form of Safiya Winta and Serendipity to help out.

RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ BoundCon

Day 1

Video capture of RopeMarks vs Raven and NadjaThe first day of BoundCon I had the pleasure of a custom photo shoot with Raven C. and Nadja Nice. First time models for me, no plan so I decided to go bad-ass on them and make them suffer… a little… This has been captured on video and will be available on Club RopeMarks ( soon.


The other obligation was the first of three prime-time mainstage shows - this time based on the PlayStation game Kuon together with Safiya Winta.

RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks live on stage @ prime time @ BoundCon


In between obligations it was fun in the monster booth, fun with my girl Dutch Dame and fun with Safiya Winta.

RopeMark Dutch Dame @ BoundCon RopeMark Dutch Dame @ BoundCon RopeMark Dutch Dame @ BoundCon RopeMark Safiya Winta @ BoundCon RopeMark Safiya Winta @ BoundCon RopeMark Dutch Dame @ BoundCon RopeMark Dutch Dame @ BoundCon


Day 2

Rain De Grey and Red HibiscaThe second day of BoundCon or as I like to call it the “crazy day”, this is the day the venue is filled to the max with visitors and there is no time to breathe… which gave me an idea for the custom photo shoot of today that I was honored to do with the awesome Rain DeGrey and Red Hibisca as my willing models. This has been captured on video and will be available on Club RopeMarks ( soon.

Dutch Dame, Safiya Winta and Rain DeGrey

The other obligation of today was our second primetime mainstage show of this BoundCon - this time we went with a fetish medical theme; I love these on “crazy day”, the number of people watching your show is just insane. The biggest crowd we performed for must be around 3000 people and the smallest two! This is somewhere in between.

RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ Prime time @ BoundCon RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ Prime time @ BoundCon

RopeMarks Dutch Dame @ Prime time @ BoundCon

My ropes are professionally escaped...Somewhere during the event I was asked to participate in a bondage challenge (tying up a pretty girl and she then has to escape the bondage); how could I say no… Well… if I knew she would escape I probably would have saved myself the embarrassment...


In between the activities there was some bondage in our booth with Boiled bean (The lovely partner of maestro Quartacorda); I displayed a totally sensory deprived Safiya Winta in front of a big crowd and played around with a metal-collared Pling.

Boiledbean Displaying Safiya Winta for a big crowd Displaying Safiya Winta for a big crowd Displaying Safiya Winta for a big crowd Playing with Pling Playing with Pling


The BoundCon event also comes with one awesome fetish party, the SubRosaDictum party. As it so happened we got invited to perform on this parties mainstage as well. Since this a rubber-fetish party we came up with something appropriate and… extreme - including some bondage as well… just the way we like it!

Download this video.

RopeMarks and Dutch Dame live @ SubRosaDictum

After the work it’s good partying; with Mr. BindMe - Maurice, Max Kuhl, Safiya Winta and Dutch Dame.

Party with Mr BindMe Party with Dutch Dame Party with Max Kuhl The amazing Dutch Dame The stunning Safiya Winta


Day 3

The third day is usually a more relaxed day… except for me - feeling quite broken from the SubRosaDictum party - busting my balls teaching Japanese bondage to a group of enthusiastic people; having Safiya Winta as my lovely crash test dummy was a big added bonus to a very smooth and fun workshop.

Blond propertiesAnd when the cat's away… my blond property found someone else's blond property…

As always one of the things I look forward too is seeing the friends who live far away, talking, laughing, drinking a cocktail (or two) and meeting new people and sometimes friends. On the pictures you see: Mr BoundCon - Andreas, Damon Pierce, Max Kuhl, Anna Rose, Pling, Safiya Winta and of course My girl and property Dutch Dame.

Andreas and Damon Pierce with Max Kuhl with Anna Rose with Pling with Safiya Winta and Dutch Dame


GiftsAn added bonus to BoundCon are the gifts we get to take home every year. The loot of this year is a framed Konijn original drawing, bubbles that go very well with the Norwegian chocolate and some maintenance oil for my ropes - thank you everybody!


Now: If I might believe the inquiries in mailbox and text-messages on my phone a lot of people have heard a rumour that they didn’t expect, or believe. The rumour is true, I’m sorry to say… We will not be attending the 2015 BoundCon XII.

"See you soon" align

However, since we need to be in the neighborhood that period we will be at BoundCon XII during “crazy day” (the Saturday). But we will just be there as guests and have no plans to be active… but… this thing we do… it’s in my blood… so….

You can also catch us on and on the SubRosaDictum party with a kick-ass main stage act together with Anna Rose and Dutch Dame. 

The links: RopeMarks, Dutch Dame, BoundCon, Art created from our activities on BoundCon

Radio 3FM, De Bende van Van de Lende

with Frank van de Lende

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Preview from the happeningRight before our trip to this years Fetish Evolution we got a very interesting invite to participate on radio DJ Frank van der Lende's program "De bende van Van der Lende" (A witty wordplay that roughly translates to "The mess of ..." or "The gang of ...").

The downside of this invite is the hours of the program, this is a night-time program, and I mean 01:00 - 04:00... a challenge we accepted!

Wasteland hosted a party during the program and we got to play, have fun and participate in a short game.

We sneaked in a snap-shot and got our hands on some footage shot during the night.

Download this video.

De Bende van Van de Lende, with Frank van de Lende

The links: DJ Frank van der Lenden, Wasteland, Dutch Dame.

Group shot


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rm19991231_2-safe-tbt.jpg#TBT This image was among the first we published as RopeMarks, in 1999

It was taken with an analogue camera and scanned to use on the site (,- a site that was a non-automated, what we call now a, blog.

This was also the time where the information about bondage from Japan was hard to find, needed to be hunted and in effect made sure that as a Western student your only path was developing your own style (

This is a stark contrast where you now have a rope-get-together-event-festival-munch-whatever almost ever week somewhere on our blue globe; information is happily exchanged and accepted blindly as a truth and then copied, photographed and posted on as much social media as possible.

The "old rope-days" were hard, definitely not something to want back; but sometimes, just sometimes, I miss the hunt for that one pearl related to rope-bondage, a technique, a pose, a bit of information that will progress your growth and style where instead finding that pearl these days means "the world" has already copied it, took photo's of it, spread it as their own, named it and changed it - all before I had my first morning coffee.

doing rope since 1977 #TBT

Club update, Blacklight

with Dutch Dame

Posted on April 02 2015 by RopeMarks

BlacklightTwo absolute amazing bondage's with an amazing and naked Dutch Dame on the receiving end.

Sponsored by: Wasteland

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