Rubber nun, preaching to the perverted...

... no more. With Dutch Dame

Posted on February 01 2015 by RopeMarks

No more preaching to the perverted

From the update "Rubber nun, preaching to the perverted" on Rubber Restrained (our Rubber and bondage branche), no more preaching!

Honeyhair uses Dutch Dame, part 1

Posted on January 29 2015 by RopeMarks

Honeyhair uses Dutch DameWe have a stunning and sexy update in two parts for you.

We have Czech beauty Honeyhair over at RopeMarks HQ. This sexy and dominant lady was very eager to play with RopeMarks' property, Dutch Dame. Something we gladly allowed, but, not before we had the opportunity to have Honeyhair, and her b00bs, in my ropes. And while we're at it, add Dutch Dame into to mix to create a bondage scene of pure bound beauty!

But first we wanted Honeyhair in all her nude glory in front of our lens.

Next it was time to tie up this Czech beauty. Now it is not often we get an F-Cup, a sensitive F-cup, at our disposal. Truth be said, I wasn't entirely sure how to deal with them. In the end I think I managed quite nicely.

A tightly bound Honeyhair in ballet boots with waving red locks of hair is something very special.

Time to double to beauty and bring in a nude Dutch Dame in ballet boots. Since she is my property I prefer her to be in a challenging bondage. I tied Dutch Dame in a similar tie as Honeyhair but made her stand in it... well, suspended from the ceiling; standing bound, cross legged on ballet boots is kinda impossible.

What happened then was not in the original sequence of events, but Honeyhair tightly bound tried to have a go at Dutch Dame, also tightly bound, with nothing more thant her beautiful lips and Dutch Dame gladly let her...

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Kink & Kinbaku 2015

Bergen, Norway

Posted on January 26 2015 by RopeMarks

The Kink&Kinbaku event in Norway is in it's third year now and the event will take place on Friday March 13, Saturday March 14 and Sunday March 15.

We had the pleasure of being the first guests to feature on the event in 2013. If you like to get an idea of how that went read this entry on the RopeMarks blog.

This year RopeMarks returns to Norway and the Kink&Kinbaku event. The planning in the words of the inspired organisation:

Bergen Kink&Kinbaku is very proud to announce our latest event: "En helg med Ropemarks". A weekend for experienced riggers and bunnies who want to take their knowledge of kinbaku to the next level.

Bob and Dutch-Dame need no further introduction: One of the world's very best riggers and his beautiful, lovely bunny! Bob and DD visited Bergen in 2012 with huge success.

This event will be more intimate than the last one: Instead of hosting a huge party Saturday night, we go for a nice, small party with only the workshop attendees. Bob and DD will give lectures both Friday night and Saturday, and will also present a demo/small show during the party. A perfect opportunity to get lots of new inspiration and knowledge of bondage!

After the publication of this upcoming event things went fast... very fast! We're happy and proud that Kink&Kinbaku is sold out.

This sold out event should not stop you from registering and gamble on an opening via the waitinglist.

More information and registration can be found on the website of the organisation.

Let us know you're coming via the FetLife event

Visit RopeMarks

Club update, Asphyxiating Abraxas

with Abraxas and Dutch Dame

Posted on January 14 2015 by RopeMarks

Asphyxiating AbraxasWe have slavegirl abraxas over at RopeMarks HQ, a petite bald super sexy girl.

At a certain point we tie up abraxas, collar her in a big leather collar and put her on some killer heels. Then leave her to wait until we return from our talk and a few drinks about what we are going to do to her for the evening.

We have decided and Dutch Dame will be the mistress of slavegirl abraxas tonight and put her through some asphyxiating steps, all nude and tightly bound, ofcourse!

After some time mistress Dutch Dame returns to abraxas, teases her naked body and finally unties her, only to tie her up again, real, real tight and suspend her from the overhead beam. The killer heels and collar stay on, ofcource, and a gag, big gag for abraxas' small mouth is added.

Having no way to defend herself anymore mistress starts enjoying slavegirls naked body and abuses a Wartenberg pinwheel on her.

Next comes the plan, asphyxiating abraxas, Dutch Dame removes the wide leather collar only to replace it with a tormenting wide rubber blowup collar. It does exactly what the name says, a rubber collar that will blowup and choke the person wearing it. Image a tied up helpess slavegirl that is left gasping for air until her mistress decides she can get it. That's exactly what will happen!

Dutch Dame starts easy enough with just some mild pumping and quickly releasing it again. But this really, literally, takes abraxas´ breath way, gasping for air through her gagged mouth, beautiful.

The second time pumping the collar Dutch Dame shows a twinkle in the eyes of Dutch Dame and abraxas´ petite body trembles under the lack of air.

The third time is no longer a twinkle but a dominating smile on the face of mistress Dutch Dame as she pumps the collar, keeping close eye contact with abraxas. When it's clear the collar is pumped more than enough for abraxas Dutch Dame give it one more pump! Then walks away to enjoy this beautiful image of a tied and collared slavegirl suffering, fighting for air, survival, pleading eyes to her mistress and to the camera for help and release. None will come until the look in her eyes and petite trembling body show the beginning of real panic...

Finally Dutch Dame suspends her slavegirl completely of the floor, giant heels and all, pumps to collar ones more and now slavegirl abraxas is receiving her free floating breathless experience by the hand of Mistress Dutch Dame...

Download this video.

Asphyxiating Abraxas with Abraxas and Dutch Dame

Perfect beauty!

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Club update, Playing in Blue

with Valentina Fetish Doll and Dutch Dame

Posted on January 02 2015 by RopeMarks

Valentina Fetish Doll and Dutch Dame Playing in BlueRummaging through the extensive rubber collection of Valentine Fetish Doll we found a matching rubber set for Mistress Valentina Fetish Doll and submissive Dutch Dame.

We dress Dutch Dame in a blue bra, leaving her boobs available, blue opera gloves, blue stocking with suspender, blue face covering hood and collar and finally ballet boots. While wearing this outfit Dutch Dame is teasing the Mistress to come forward.

The Mistress, dressed in a blue corset, blue opera gloves, blue open face hood and collar and finally thigh-high boots comes forward and decides on a closer inspection of Dutch Dame's VJJ.

Pleased with what is going on there makes sure nothing happens there until she allows this. Dutch Dame is tied with her ballet-booted ankles together and her gloved arms together. To smother the little sounds of pleasure a rubber bit-gag is added.

This bondage loving submissive does not sit still and does not stop making little noises of pleasure; the Mistress decides to blindfold the submissive and stop the noises by making her wear a big blow-up hood while still keeping her in bondage.

Dutch Dame, tied-up, unable to see, speak, hear or walk has become a stunning, amazing sight and we allow her to enjoy this; she does...

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a new RopeMarks site

Posted on December 29 2014 by RopeMarks

As RopeMarks we have a great love (understatement) for tying the prettiest girls in tight rope, Japanese rope, and then have fun with them.

Now we do not only appreciate a nude girls we also like girls dressed in, heavy, rubber and tie them up with rope, Japanese rope,  or leather cuffs, or rubber belts or... well basically anything that restrains them in a way that we like and makes the inner beauty of the girl come out.

This has now been separated in a completely new site

Rubber Restrained

Rubber Restrained

The beauty of rubber dressed girls restrained in belts, cuffs, rope and whatever makes their inner beauty come out.

Come over and take a look, you will see some familiar faces... right before they are hooded, double hooded, blindfolded, gagged, collared and restrained for... well, our pleasure... but we make you a part of the experience!

Club update, Dutch Dame dominated by Sinteque

with Dutch Dame and Sinteque

Posted on December 09 2014 by RopeMarks

rm20140221_4_5021_cover.jpgWe paid a visit to the beautiful Sinteque for the sole purpose to have my property molested by someone else then me!

First Dutch Dame was made to wait in a agura shibari, not able to go anywhere, contemplating what might be going to happen...

When Sinteque arrived she played a little with Dutch Dame, untied her from the agura, only to prepare her for a sakasa ebi shibari.

After playing with Dutch Dame in the sakasa ebi a tight rope gag and even tighter kubi nawa was added for suffering of Dutch Dame and enjoyment of the on-viewers.

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Posted on November 17 2014 by RopeMarks


A recent carabineer failure at a Circus performance has raised some important questions in the aerial arts community. While I know very little about what caused this particular failure, I want to address some general things about the pros and cons of carabineers and how they fail.


Carabineers are made of either steel or aluminum. Steel is a very ductile metal - meaning that it deforms (bends and stretches) long before it breaks. This is good because it usually gives the user a chance to see that the metal has been stressed well beyond the working load limits long before it breaks. Aluminum has very little deformation before it breaks (literally snaps); therefore, there is no warning that the metal has been over-stressed. Also, aluminum has "micro-cracks" and imperfections that are impossible to see with the naked eye. I always recommend steel carabineers for aerial work.

Bend carabineerThis steel carabineer was pulled to destruction. Note how the pin on the gate is torn out. When this occurred, the integrity of the carabineer was lost, and the body began to bend open.

Locking and non-locking gates

The gate of a carabineer not only holds part of the load, but is also critical to the overall strength of the carabineer. What most people do not realize is that the gate of a carabineer can be "popped" open by a shock load, and if this happens, the carabineer immediately loses most of its strength. For example: an aluminum carabineer with a 24 kN BS with the gate closed, is only rated for 7 kN when the gate is open; a steel carabineer rated for 45 kN with the gate closed is only rated for 15 kN with the gate open. To prevent the gate from accidentally opening, I recommend that aerials use carabineers with a locking gate. (I like auto-locking gates because the user cannot forget to lock them).

Snapped carabineerThe gate of this aluminum carabineer "popped" open under a shock load, and the body snapped into two pieces.

Carabineers vs. Shackles

Aerial performers like carabineers because they are easy to connect and disconnect with one hand; they do not have any parts (shackle pins) to drop. However, carabineers are (for the most part) "recreational hardware" and not intended for industrial use. Also, many users of carabineers do not know that the rating on a carabineer is its breaking strength and that 1 kN is equal to 224.8 pounds. The weakest part of a carabineer is the gate (even a carabineer with a locking gate). When a load is on the carabineer, part of the load is held by the gate - it is in tension. Because the gate holds part of the load, the gate should be carefully checked before each use. Check to ensure that the gate is working properly - does it close easily and completely with any issues? Check the "pin" on the gate and the "hook" on the body of the carabineer. If either of these show any damage, or if the carabineer does not close easily and completely, discard the carabineer.

Shackles are industrial hardware. They are rated with a working load limit (WLL) - often in tons. The actually breaking strength is often 5 or 6 times the WLL. Unlike a carabineer, the gate of the shackle (the shackle pin) is in a "double-shear." Metal is much stronger under a double-shear forge than under tension. Shackles are only made of steel, so they deform long before they fail. You should always check to ensure that the pin of the shackle is not bent and that it screws completely into place in the body of the shackle. If the pin is bent or the pin does not screw completely into the body of the shackle, discard it. Also, "mousing" the shackle pin with wire or a nylon tie is important if the loads swings or is in place for an extended period of time.

What if you drop a carabineer on a concrete floor?

Probably everyone has heard that if you drop a shackle or carabineer on a concrete floor, you should discard it - right? Well, maybe this report from Richard Delaney in Australia might provide some insight into this myth.

I discussed our destructive testing of 100 biners in a thread a while back. We were donated a bunch of alloy bineers that had been 'retired' so we dropped them all 5 meters onto concrete 5 times and then gave 20 of these some extra special treatment with a lump hammer to give them the sort of injury that would stop most normal people from using them. Then, we broke them all. All broke at or above rated strength, except one - ... this still could have been one of the 3 in ten-thousand that will break low even brand new off the shelf.

Also, I did 3 steel and 3 aluminum a while back that had been dropped 275m onto plate steel over concrete. Aluminum broke above rated; steel were deformed and unusable post drop.

The one in the 100 that broke low was about 10% below rated from memory. Hence, I'm a big fan of reputable manufacturers who proof load all bineers to 1/2 mbs.

Pile of broken carabineersSome of the carabineers Richard destructively tested.

To sum this up, if the carabineer is not bent and the gate operates properly after a short drop, it is OK.

Design factors

As noted above, most industrial hardware has a design factor or either 5 or 6, whereas recreational hardware is not rated with a working load limit, but with its breaking strength. When suspending humans, a design factor of 10 or greater is recommended. Even then, that does not guarantee that a failure will not occur.

When possible, there should never be a situation where the failure of a single component can result in a catastrophic failure. In other words, include a backup for every component, and if some component cannot be backed up, make sure the design factor is double what you would normally use and that you inspect it very carefully before every use.


For industrial applications, or where shock loads are common, locking steel carabineers are usually fine for most aerial work if the design factor is 10 or above. Still, careful inspections of all your equipment is the best way to prevent an accident, so inspect, inspect, inspect.

The original blog is here. I considered this information interesting enough to re-post without asking permission (yet). Minor edits have been made to be more directed at the target scene.

RopeMarks Ryū, Japanese bondage

workshop in luxury

Posted on October 16 2014 by RopeMarks
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Something I just had to share because I am so very much looking forward to this particular workshop. This is promising to be -the- best place we've done workshops in... check it out:

RopeMarks, castle workshopsRopeMarks, castle workshopsRopeMarks, castle workshopsRopeMarks, castle workshops


To participate in our future workshops and classes  fill in this application form and you will be the first to be notified of our upcoming workshops and classes

RopeMarks Ryū, shibari workshop

for Kink Info

Posted on October 11 2014 by RopeMarks

### For the Dutch among us:

Het is een spannend voorspel, het wordt over het algemeen ervaren als de beste vorm van BDSM, verdiept het vertrouwen en respect tussen de partners, het ziet er erotisch en opwindend uit en is gewoon leuk om te doen; Japanse bondage ook wel shibari of kinbaku genoemd.

RopeMarks Ryū omvat een traditionele style, ontwikkeld door Bob van RopeMarks, die de synthese is van de vele aspecten van de bedrieglijke eenvoud van Kinbaku en Hojojutsu. Het is ontworpen om je essentiële vaardigheden en technieken aan te leren met de nadruk op technische, fysieke en emotionele veiligheid.

Wat moet je weten

Voor deze middag is kennis van shibari geen vereiste. We zullen ter plekke het nivo van de workshop aanpassen aan de kennis van de deelnemers zodat zowel de rigger (de persoon die gaat bonderen) als de “bunny” (de persoon die gebonden gaat worden) profijt hebben van de technieken, patronen en posities de je gaat leren.

Wat ga je doen

De RopeMarks Ryū put uit een lange geschiedenis van kennis, informatie en ervaring. Hiemee hebben we de mogelijk om naast een vast programma er een interactive middag van te maken waar iedereen het meeste uit kan halen.

De nadruk zal liggen op een hands-on ervaring en zaken die we zeker aan bod willen laten komen zijn o.a. de basis blokken van een stevige en safe Japanse bondage

* de Tejou shibari, binnen RopeMarks Ryū de basis techniek voor een boei van touw
* de Ryoute kubi shibari, de polsen gebonden
* de Ushiro takate gote shibari, een bovenlichaam bondage
* Gote, de bovenlichaam bondage, variaties

Wat heb je nodig

Om deel te nemen aan deze RopeMarks workshop voor Kink Info is vereist:

* Dat je komt als (gelegenheids)stel (de prijs is dan ook per koppel)
* Makkelijk zittende kleding
* 4 stukken touw van 7-8m (6-8 stukken als je later verder wilt bonderen)

En last but not least, dat je motivatie, enthousiasme een open-mind en humor mee brengt.

Meer informatie

Online ticket verkoop
RopeMarks en
RopeMarks Ryū
Bekijk het event op de website van Kink Info