Club update: Sexy Bamboo

with Necia Navine

Posted on August 10 2016 by RopeMarks

Sexy Bamboo - with Necia NavineWe return to Necia Navine, the beyond sexy redhead who drools uncontrollably when gagged. This time we decide to throw bamboo at her.

We start by tying her arms up and out of our way. Even this very simple bondage produces looks that can melt the heart of the toughest men. We then procede by tying a tight crotch rope and putting the bamboo in place.

The it's time to finish the bondage and make sweet Necia balance on the bamboo - make the difficult choice of feeling the hard bamboo against her tender skin or balancing without toppling over and feeling the crotch rope between her legs.

To make this a little more challenging we add some stress to her vingers, making the balancing even harder.

We enjoyed ourselves, I hope you do to.

Images by Imaginary Tease

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Club Update: Growing Flowers

with Little Flower

Posted on August 03 2016 by RopeMarks

Little FlowerSummer time in the Netherlands, not the best moment to start growing flowers, but we try anyway. We do grow flowers in our own little perverted way. First we plant our little flower firmly on the ground. Then we create some branches. Finally we rope around the top of our flower and pull, pull and pull more to make her grow.

So, how does that translate in a practical way: We spread the arms of our girl with bamboo (the branches), then we tie one leg in a futomomo and put our girl on the ground, leaving her other leg untied giving her a false sense of freedom, of being able to avoid, escape, what is coming next. Now it's time to grow, we tie a rope around our girls neck, throw it over a stable anchor point (the branch of the tree she is under) and pull! And pull! And when the tension is just about enough to invoke a beautiful struggle for air we tie off the rope, sit back and watch our little flower grow...

When our girl needs rest from such a beautiful struggle, we release the neck rope, only to rinse and repeat. But this time giving our girl the biggest ballgag we can find and a little more tension on the neck rope. We let our girl struggle again and keep her on the edge of fainting, reducing her world to a struggle for breath and the noises in her head...

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European Rigger Exchange


Posted on August 01 2016 by RopeMarks

The EURIX has been organised eight times by now and the RopeMarks schedule never seemed to align to be able to visit. This Autumn the stars are aligned, RopeMarks will attend and present at the ninth edition of EURIX.

Before the event the rope-scene gets anxious, lots of talk and expectations about the upcoming EURIX, after the event praise all-over. This year I'm there for the experience. RopeMarks together with a host of awesome scene/rope-people will be there to present.

Come up and say hi, bring drinks and we'll chat... or something :)

For all details,
on Facebook:
on FetLife:
on the Schwelle site:

See you there!

Club update: In Amsterdam

with Nereida Deadly Sin

Posted on July 26 2016 by RopeMarks

In Amsterdam - with Nereida Deadly SinEarly morning, sunrise, Amsterdam; a sleepy rigger, a stunning Spanish beauty and an awesome photographer... and so starts the adventure.

First we arrive at one of Amsterdam's most beautiful spots to watch the sunrise, the skinny bridge across the Amstel. We tie the arms of beautiful Nereida on her back and position her on the bridge. Even early mornings Amsterdam is a busy place and we have quite a few pedestrians and cyclist passing by. When Nereida tries to hide from them we have no other option then to tie her to the bridge for the final set of images.

We have another, very authentic Amsterdam place in mind - we throw everything, including our Spanish beauty in the car and drive to Prinseneiland. Being a quit little island where nobody is awake yet we position Nereida, naked, in front of a beautiful authentic warehouse - then tie and gag her. She's taking it a like a trooper.

When finally someone in the building wakes up and spots us we move to a different spot - the galgenbrug (gallowsbridge), a name that refers to the view of the gallows of the Volewijck from here. Feeling nostalgic we try to honor the name, we squat Nereida, tie her legs spread and unable to stand up "hang" her from the bridge railing by the neck.

This set has images of Amsterdam as you have not seen it before - this could be become the next big tourist attraction.

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Club update: Mary, Mary, quite contrary...

with Mary Gram

Posted on July 04 2016 by RopeMarks

Mary, Mary, quite contrary... - with Mary GramAided by the spectacular facilitator we have caught Mary Gram in our ropes. Striped to her birthday suite we move around Mary like a little perverted spider, weaving our web of sexy, erotic, rope bondage around her deliciously tight body; spready her legs, showing all, for full embarrassment of poor little Mary.

This is a set of truly beautiful images with stunning model and awesome rope work - a must see.

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Club update: Bliss, in Leather

with Bliss Theadora

Posted on June 13 2016 by RopeMarks

Australian beauty Bliss returns to RopeMarks HQ and this time we decide to leave our ropes stored and go nuts on her perfect body with leather and leather accessories...

We strap Bliss in a leather-strap harnass, tightly locked in-between her vjj, and make her wear knee-high ballet boots. The strap going through her vjj nicely stimulates that sensitive spot when she wiggles and we decide to leave her wiggling for a while; then add a leather collar, wrist cuffs, upper arm cuffs and upper leg cuffs. With the addition of each cuff bliss is starting to look more and more like a leather slavegirl - she fits the part perfectly.

The faces of BlissBliss, in LeatherBliss, in Leather


When there has been enough wriggling it's time to cuff bliss her arms behind her back! In this tied position we make her show every inch of her perfect little body and perfect little ass and perfect leather strapped vjj.

Objectification is the name of the game, we thoroughly enjoy Bliss in her current state of helplessness, but add our speciality blindfold that takes away part of your hearing as well and put a panelgag in her lucious mouth and tighten the straps around her head - sweet whimpers are now coming from behind the panel.

At this point our girl is in need of a little cooldown (leather can only absorb so much moist...). We put her on her knees as a proper slave girl on the hard wooden floor and immediatly her flexible body makes her hot vjj go all the way to the floor for some cooling down. Pleasure and pain - we add painful nipple clamps to her perfect b00bs...

Bliss, arms cuffedBliss, blindfoldedBliss, gaggedBliss, nipple clampedBliss, done...


After enjoying the sight, sounds and wriggling we remove the painful nipple clamps, lay her down on the floor and leave for more pressing matters... her usefulness has passed, no need to unlock but a need to leave it strapped and cuffed, blinded, deaf and speechless...

Download this video.

Bliss in Leather with Bliss Theadora

This is an update in 3 parts, two large photo sets and one long video. Part 1 is now live.

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Hard Liquor

A sensual red head drooling at the bar - with Necia Navine

Posted on May 30 2016 by RopeMarks

Necia Navine drooling at the barWe're taking sexy red head Necia Navine to the bar for a good time.

Miss Navine orders a delicous cocktail but before she gets the change to taste it we strip her of clothes, put her in a tight corset, wearing ballet shoes, tie, collar and ballgag her.

Not entirely unexpected, soon after we ballgag Miss Navine she starts to drool, uncontrollably. This is a sight, a very sexy and sensual red head bound and gagged at the bar drooling dripping on her amazing b00bs while yearning for her ordered cocktail.

Little did she know the good times in the bar was ment for us, Miss Navine gets to be our bar-ornament for our enjoyment.

Download this video.

Hard Liquor with Necia Navine

This is an update in 2 parts, one photo set and one video.
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b00b negotiations

to touch or not to touch - with Marilyn Yusuf and DutchDame

Posted on May 15 2016 by RopeMarks

...Trying to shoot stunning rubber clad girls and all they want is touch b00b...

what's a man to do

Marily Yusuf and DutchDame b00bs negotiation

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Giant Dame

with DutchDame and Snake

Posted on May 05 2016 by RopeMarks

We have a pair of speciality boots, giant boots, at our disposal. With these we make DutchDame, tall as she is, even taller.

Dressed in rubber catsuit and with the help of Snake Dutch Dame puts on her giant boots. Standing 2.16 impressive meters she is taken for a stroll.

The giant that she has become does not stop her inner self from being different; submissive. Snake makes her wear a rubber slave collar and ballgag before he takes her for another stroll

For the full length video please visit Rubber Restrained.

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Club update: Deadlysin - part 2 of 2

with Nereida Deadlysin

Posted on April 30 2016 by RopeMarks

Nereida Deadlysin tied by RopeMarksToday we present Spanish beauty Nereida Deadlysin - a sexy, dark haired, brown eyed and inked addition to RopeMarks - we are pleased.

Being used for the first time on RopeMarks we love to see Nereida's ink from all possible angles, in the fetishes of way we know - in heels and collared.

When it's time to put this sexy chick in bondage we tie her upper body (gote), attach her to the stairs (nawa zuri), pull one leg up and attach that to the stairs (kataashi zuri) and then twist and supend her other leg - now fully suspended from the stairs we make her enjoy the experience - oh the sweet noises...

It's a shame if wouldn't be able to look into those deep, deep, brown eyes while she's hanging there for our pleasure (and hers, I'm sure - but that's considered optional). A hair bondage, keeping her head up and eyes onto ours we add.

Beautiful red lips require something hard to keep them open; mandatory, no options, we spread her mouth in a big sexy "O" using our gag, her beautiful red lips framing the ball... uncontrollable drooling is just moments away now...

The stunning rubber collar gets some help from a new neck rope (kubi zuri). Our Spanish submissive Nereida is now suspended, gagged, pulled by her hair and struggling to keep breathing properly; but we're not done yet...

We still have two delicious parts of her lucious body available for pleasing us, her nipples - we add painful nipple clamps to her already suffering body. This addition makes more sexy noises and gasps for air come out of Nereida´s gagged lips - drooling is unstoppable.

Personally we don't think we are the worst person there is, seeing this stunning submissive in so much agony (pleasure?) we query if she would like a stool, relax. Naively she says yes... so she gets a stool, tied and suspended from her body that is already in heavy agony!

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This is an update in 2 parts.