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Posted on May 23 2017 by RopeMarks

Interview with RopeMarksBeen away for a few days to beautiful Milano (Italy) for the Shibari on Stage event and came home to the interview I did with Collared, lifestyle & fashion


In Bed with Spring

Posted on May 10 2017 by RopeMarks

In Bed with SpringSo… here I am. Nervous, in front of hotel room 238. Wearing a silky black dress with sexy lingery underneath. All exactly like he told me in his very precise instructions. It’s exactly at a quarter past three. I have no clue what will happen now, but the door is slightly open and I enter the small hallway, wondering why the next door is closed.

Softly I close the door behind me. There’s no way back now. Just as I’m about to knock on the wooden door in front of me, I see a little note. ‘Good girl, you’re here’ it says. And: "Undress and come in. Just wear lingery and heels. No talking." I feel nervous in my stomach. Why doesn't he welcome me? Is he even here? My heart is going crazy in my chest. My pussy is tingling. What if….

I’m a good girl, so I do as I’m told. I take my dress off and check if my stockings are on the same hight. They are. I can’t think of any reason to wait any longer, so I take a deep breath and enter the room. Phew… The room is light and there’s a big bed in front of me, inviting me to play around. I can’t help my smile. I like to play, so that’s what I do.

I enjoy myself and when I want to feel a bit more cosy, I wrap myself in a white sheet. I like feeling the fabric around me and I curl up to relax for a bit, but I don’t get time for that. Is playtime over? Maybe…

Without saying a word he ties my hands together and he wraps the sheet around my legs, very tight. He uses rope to keep the sheet in place and to prevent me from moving my legs. After a while he also wraps the fabric around my upper body, as tight as possible. Rope is pressing into my upper arms and into my ribs. It’s a slow mummification process and it’s getting harder and harder to move. I like being restricted like this. It’s warm in here and being in this tight white thing makes me feel… exactly like that. Like a white little thing. I’m slowly changing into a cocoon. Just a shape, nothing more than a random object.

Just as a part of my consciousness notices that it’s getting dark outside, my head is covered in a white pillowcase and I feel myself disappearing into nothingness. Rope presses the fabric of the pillow case against my eyes. I’m double blindfolded and can’t see a thing. He squeezes my jaws, so I open my mouth. From now on the rope forces me to keep my mouth open. When I exhale, I immediately feel my warm breath coming back to my skin. I don’t hear anything apart from my own breath. Slowly I’m floating away in a white world that swallows me whole. Breathing gets harder and I start drooling. I sink away even deeper. Nothing I can do, apart from surrendering to whatever comes next. So here I am, in this small white world.

No escape.

Can you enter my world?

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Newsletter April 2017

Posted on May 03 2017 by RopeMarks

Welcome to the Eight RopeMarks newsletter.

It's already May when you receive this newsletter and we have just returned from the German Fetish Ball. The GFB was filled with shoots, fun and parties, in the next newsletter we will tell and show you more.

The previous period we had the sweet Minou Rossi over in RopeMarks HQ for preparing (Yes, let's call it that) a live show in an actual theater in Milan, Italy. This event, Shibari on stage - spring edition, powered by Maestro BD will [...]

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RopeMarks Newsletter, April 2017

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Club Update: Suffering in full view

with Joan Belle

Posted on April 16 2017 by RopeMarks

Suffering in full view - with Joan BelleI don't see my slavegirl from Singapore that often, so when I do, I'd like to make it count.

It does make me proud to own her and I love to show her of, no matter where, not even in this public place. I undress her, put her feet in heels and tie her petite body near a stairs in this public place.

She was whimpering something about shame, but I think this is one of the cultural differences, I did not feel any shame at all... Best to put a large gag in that tiny mouth of her and tie her to one the stair's handrails, just in case she tries to get out of sight.

Next, time to tie her legs with her sexy feet in sexy heels and attach them to the stair's handrail as well.

Then, finally, gag her with a tenugui over her ballgag and then add another tenugui over the previous one and over her nose. Sensitive as Joan is this is becoming a struggle now, a struggle for air.

We love to see Joan struggle, but we are going for suffering and decide the fun road, a neck-rope.

That sweet whimpering, gasping, piece of slavegirl is a beautiful sight... and this makes me weak... I pull out a tiny vibrator, wedge it tight between her legs, against her clit, switch it on, sit back, relax and enjoy whatever might unfold now...

Photos by StereoEye photography & derToni

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Newsletter March 2017

Posted on April 05 2017 by RopeMarks

Welcome to the seventh RopeMarks newsletter.

It's April when you receive this newsletter and we are very busy prepping for... well, April but even more for May, Jun and Jul... We have some crazy (in a good way) months coming and are prepping to give you the best live experiences, workshops and imagery! In light of this preparing we had the sweet Minou Rossi over in RopeMarks HQ for preparing (Yes, let's call it that) of what promises to be an awesome cooperation in Milan, Italy (soon more).

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RopeMarks Newsletter, March 2017

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Bedeseme Magazine #55

with Nereida DeadlySin & Louisa L'Amour

Posted on March 18 2017 by RopeMarks

RopeMarks in Bedeseme 55In this edition of the Bedeseme magazine the featured kinbaku is of yours truly, Louisa L'Amour tied in a demanding ryou ashi gote kakae shibari and dominated by Spanish beauty Nereida DeadlySin.

The full set will become available on

Direct link to the magazine:

Club Update: Hashigata zuri

with Miss "A"

Posted on March 12 2017 by RopeMarks

Hashigata zuri - with Miss "A"Today we present to you the classy, sexy, sweet but oh-so crazy Miss "A" (we love her).

She is the sweetest person you will ever meet, you can take her out to the fanciest places then get home and the craziest as f*ck things to her.

For our third encounter (the first two will be available soon) we made her endure a hashigata zuri. Her pleasure in our ropes (what she gives you can not be called suffering) is beautifully captured by Mr. CarmineWorx.

Photos by CarmineWorx

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Newsletter February 2017

Posted on March 02 2017 by RopeMarks

Welcome to the sixth RopeMarks newsletter.

In this newsletter we will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming events where you can meet, greet and talk to us.

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RopeMarks Newsletter, February 2017

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RopeMarks Merchandise

via Red Bubble

Posted on February 20 2017 by RopeMarks

By popular demand... Well, we've been too preoccupied for a long time to set this up... So, by now, by popular demand:

RopeMarks Merchandise

We are using Red Bubble as our preferred supplier. Visit our shop on their site to get your RopeMarks, t-shirts, mugs, pillows, phone cases, and a whole lot more.

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If you want/need/desire some custom designs, let us know, a lot is possible.

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Kaidan Chibusa Enoki

The Ghostly Tale of the Wet Nurse Tree by Ito Seiu

Posted on February 17 2017 by RopeMarks
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Kaidan Chibusa EnokiEvery August, as Japanese spirits return en masse from the otherworld, Tokyo's Zenshoan temple (map) exhibits a spine-chilling collection of 19th-century ghost scroll paintings

This painting by Ito Seiu, the godfather of Japanese bondage (kinbaku), depicts a scene from Kaidan Chibusa Enoki, an old horror story in which the ghost of a dead painter returns to protect his baby from his murderer, a wandering samurai who fell in love with his wife while he was away painting.

This scroll shows the ghost holding the baby while standing under a waterfall at Juniso (map) (where Tokyo's Shinjuku Chuo Park is now located).

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